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  1. I hate to ask, but do you truly believe that allowing a tournament with gear and laglords "healthy" for the server? Allowing people with 1m HP and crazy amounts of def and 80k phys to join is "healthy"? Players who can make multiple mistakes but as soon as you make 1 you lose is "healthy"? Tournament's is a place for your hard work to be shown off, not a place where your credit card shows how good of whale you can be. You have said it yourself before you don't care about getting the most players, you care about rewarding the people who play the game rather than giving us a reason to play the game. You don't get players to join a tournament by locking out people just because they can't afford stuff. Tournaments even in spar had over 100 people join them. There's nothing wrong with the system, and you don't get people playing a tournament based off of the rule setting, it's prizes. If they were giving up 50$ irl money to people, i promise you people would actually sign up and care.
  2. my wrath shall not go undone. I really don't understand what your doing lately, first you kill zenith, then you make this. When the main backer even said himself "i only want this for the people who play" rather than having a competitive scene, you wish to cater to the arena players who, let's be real. Aren't very good. While i understand catering to the casual side, this could easily be done with a bigger prize pool. You have made countless poor decisions and promised us with empty "I'll listen if you tell me __" but we never hear back. Even when I spoke to you about the arena event you begged me to talk to you about, i literally didn't even get a reply back. You need to stop making these terrible decisions and actually pay attention to your community that has out cried to you, countless, countless fucking times. You reap what you sow, you drove off the streamers, you didn't listen to the community, you allowed blatant laglords in, you catered to 2-3 people, and worst of all you took a healthly tournament and ran it into the ground. Baffles me how ignorant one human being can be.
  3. dw struc ik u allergic to seafood i got u but for real i dont see 2v2 being as competitive as 1s so i think it's kind of whatever but, it def is a joke tourny not gonna fuckin' hold you
  4. wait, how is it derailing? I'd like to be informed how me saying that you, all of you. Killed comp pvp by allowing EtWs with 1m HP to enter a "tournament". I'm just saying you guys killed comp pvp, in a meme format. That seems to be the general sense of the thread, unless you aren't reading it. Seeing as many ppl have literally said "u killed comp". And see as the THREAD OWNER, just said it's not derailing. I'll go ahead and post again.
  5. ill post again since u wanna delete it without giving me a valid reason
  6. 1st of all, me n that person r friends so they def know im joking around 2nd of all, thats quite hypocritical of you 3rd of all, dont mini mod bro. this shit happens all the time here and rarely any1 bats an eye please hop off my cock
  8. unsure if u know this but uh, TT is one of the best characters in the game for pvp currently, 1s and 2s. He's the best chung ina team based setting and highkey i think he has the pot of being better than FP. Watch kevins stream man lol OT : id give dom back old impulser i just want a good character 4 once
  9. if you truly believe for a second that sacrifice is healthy for this game then i have to 100% say you belong in a mental hospital.
  10. +8 was a mistype meant to say +9 cus we had free +9s for 100 salts and btw, all the good players quit during the end of 70 so yes, they all did use to play then. 70 cap didn't have sacrifice and tht alone should prove that 70 > now. geard players could be outplayed compared to now currently its 1 mistake = loss but yk same thing as 70 O_o...
  11. go on ur main n dont be a bitch bro mmm thts cool and all but, i think if you're coming on here talking shit first, it shows that ur proving us right
  12. having only ___ members defend the lag call isn't a way you win aswell. you brought nothing but "well just buy sac/ just grind +11s!!!". as if that's a valid argument in any universe lol it took 5 no 6 now to even have 1 person say something that can possibly be considered 50 iq tier.
  13. no u bro honest to god you shuda stopped when you told me "i hope your family burns in a fire" or the MULTIPLE times you've made death threats. it's elsword vro, relax.
  14. the gangs all here! considering the fact it's practically 1v5 and somehow yall still lost the argument ill leave it at that ~_^ both yall can suck my peen im tryna flame and color in my coloring book