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  1. name: call me whatever you want IGN: Yeeteria Main or alt: alt age & timezone: i'm turning 1 this year, timezone PDT about me: I stan dens and haru why would chu want to join? I want to stan dens and haru
  2. happy fathers day you angsty people take good care of your family yall i see you all venting, and i sympathize with you
  3. great i can't do spoilers despite spending 30 minutes in the spam thread The Emergence of Prinny Emote “The echos of [neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd] keeps rebounding in my ears endlessly, but I can feel a transient but content feeling washes over me.”
  4. join nasaturne other guilds: prinnyturne, astrixturne, nikiturne, and various others
  5. True apink card revamp Please finish what you started.
  6. sorry miya,,, the bump is too tempting, too alluring, too attractive, too captivating, too enticing, too luring, too inviting, too inducing, too appealing, too irresistible, too charming, too intriguing, too bewitching, too hypnotic, too tantalizing, too intriguing that i can't just reserve it,,, im sorry
  7. Nico Review (See I did it) Here we have a Nico, a creature that is encountered in Nocturne. It is ranked S in rarity, and ranked F for “friendly and approachable” and B for “Beating you up for breaking the rule”. Overall rating: safe. Nico is a creature that resembles an IN class, but with heavy modification to both fashion and weapons. Do not let its looks deceive you, as it will Flick Shot/Magdonic Cannon/etc… you to death when you’re not careful. The Nico creature is otherwise, very peaceful. During the day it socializes with other people, doing dungeons, drawing arts, translating novel, stans Gintama and other anime series. During the night, however, it tries its hardest to fight back sleep despite being not being a nocturnal creature. This leads to everyone telling Nico to go back to sleep and other comments. Sometimes she struggles with work and drawing so much that she shuts off sometimes. She will literally destroy you if you take more than the guild bank limits. I’ve been there. Currently, Nico is participating in the Mudae war, trying to claim all Gintama characters. Despite such things, everyone loves Nico because she’s our beloved admin and we all like having a little fun sometimes. I rate Nico 3/5, 3 because it’s a nice number.
  8. bring back fun and that carefree feeling when you play elsword without stressing over gear or rng or cp or whatever