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  1. Waterbucks


    Welcome Jii!!
  2. Waterbucks

    Hello Guys

    Welcome to void! As others have other said, yes you can post your video in media section
  3. Waterbucks

    Toggleable Awaken Mode Costumes

    +1 I don't necessarily like the idea of characters look being completely changed during awakening
  4. Waterbucks

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    had to do it to em
  5. Waterbucks

    vpn for the game

    softether vpn works [free]
  6. Waterbucks

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Good luck to anyone who applied for the moderator position. Hopefully you don't let the title get to your head.
  7. Waterbucks

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    wish void would die
  8. Waterbucks

    [ENG/FR] Code Xana : Another come back !

    welcome back xana
  9. i just remembered that you're the aisha that was in spar rooms and called me a loser and weak because i was hanging out in spar rooms (and you said this literally out of no where) now im 213 erp (you're still 226), and im way higher cp you're very toxic so please don't come back
  10. Waterbucks

    Opinions on the Event

    I don't care about any of these exchangeables just PLEASE more EXP events to be able to farm ERP. Every single person I know stops playing after event ends because grinding ERP outside of it is hell.
  11. Waterbucks

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @StructureIs it better now?
  12. Waterbucks

    Opinions on the Event

    Who really would have bought +11 armor pieces, though? I'm sure people cashed to get ED to get the money to pay for services. Money that they wouldn't have made other wise.
  13. Waterbucks

    about upcomming events

    +1 because more exp :p