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  1. yea as the title , Laby is so fuckin' annoying
  2. as the title , i have Ain Crescent acc 3/4 and i want to trade with a player for Shaviana 4/4 + 100m i think is a good tread. but idk so what you suggest me??!!! for farm and DGs i used Bluhen more
  3. ok then i keep these. ty so much for ur feedback
  4. hi guys , so i finally complete the Ciel Shaviana 4/4. now my question is, is good have this acc. for Ciel??? i mean for pvp and pve? or maybe i can trade with better IB 4/4. let me know what u think.
  5. i'm agree with you , official Elsword is very ptw. Until recently, you had to pay to unlock the second skill bar
  6. no i'm not drunk , i hate alcohol really??OMG
  7. why this game is so paytowin ??? unfortunately it is enough that you put your hand to the wallet to become strong. many more people would play there if some items are forbidden. is not so funny , the pvp mode is impossible when you find these kind of people. do u agree with me??? P.S. sorry for my bad english
  8. hi guys i make a party who need level up
  9. Hi, i make a new pg Raven and i want to level up fast. I try to make new friends and play with them. So can i join in?? The name of my Raven is Lostorake
  10. IGN: DendazielLevel/Class: 73/SakraDevanamMain or Alt: AltPrevious Guild: NothingTime zone: (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, WienReason for wanting to join: To make my Ara lv 99 very fast. And to find some friends who i can talk and play.