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  1. Thanks guys! You can add me ingame too if you want
  2. Thanks for your replies guys
  3. Hello guys, I'm pretty sure some of you have seen my post on other forums before and now I've decided to properly introduce myself. My name is Kevin. You can call me Battlebrony or Kevin, it doesn't matter. And I only play 1 character and she's a Metamorphy. Her nickname is KevinsAisha (pretty self explanatory about where the name came from) I always prefer cute characters in videogames and Elsword is no exception. And yes, I might play Radiant Soul after Laby came to void. I used to play PvE and hardly ever does PvP. I'm planning to gain enough strength until I can do PvP. I'm still learning about the rules in this forum... I've been on other forums before though
  4. Dear respected admins and/or GMs, We all know that IB sets are kind of essential for our characters when it comes to having good stats. And kind of a shame if one can't complete it (having 4/5 for example). However, novelty is not something we can put aside easily either. I mean that's why Magic Wardrobe is invented in the first place right? Boring speeches aside, I'd like to request some items for the Magic Wardrobe. I've attached 2 picture for each of them. 1. Aisha's Virgin Saint Bottom (especially the pink-white one) I personally think it's the most beautiful looking bottom piece ever. With it being not available in MW, I have to endure using 4/5 Radiant flower set despite having 5/5 ready in my inventory. I think the alternate version also isn't available in MW. 2. [VoidEls] Shooting Star Accessory I've been wearing this accessory for a while and I think it'd be great if we can replace it with another accessory that has higher stats while keeping the appearance. Thank you so much for your attention and I do hope you guys consider adding these items on the future updates. I'll be looking forward to it because it matters a lot to me.