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  1. I like that I have gear here? Another thing I didn't really have on Na or Kr
  2. I like all the costumes I can get. Back on NA and KR it was hard for me to afford IM items, let alone IBs.
  3. Good Lord, izzah fiyur. ot: Perhaps ping staff and ask about that specific contradiction..? I'm not sure. it doesn't fit, yes, but it should be better to be clear and specific as to the "you cannot ban appeal again" scenario.
  4. I rarely do raid and yes i am geared, but it doesnt take you being 283738362 cp to go. you dont need hh elite and you can go if you meet the lowest requirement.
  5. so... grinding for your items = p2w? im confused what your point is. all of those items you can get from working for it. there are no weapons you can buy in the shop other than costumes. there are no armor parts you can buy in the shop other than costumes. there are no raid acc/elri acc/etc to buy other than cosmetics. sure, these items have set effects, but they're extremely low. you can't buy upgrading amulets from the shop. you can't buy sages from the shop. A pay to win game would be Blade and Soul. Elsword is not Blade and Soul. Source: I play both and have for years now.
  6. How is it p2w when you have to grind the dungeon to get the weapon and it's not in the shop to buy..?
  7. I really wish we could just buy pvp boxes at S instead of having to stress with getting to SS.............................................
  8. No timer event but they're apparently getting the summer event coming.