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  1. Yatokami

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    I swear on everything... if you don't give me an ETA, open the server, and let me suffer due to prices... ....I'm gonna wait patiently and be productive with my time.
  2. Yatokami

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Pick 1 char that isn't Add, Aisha, nor Ain, and I could try to help give you parts for very cheap and/or free when I burn for myself next week!
  3. Yatokami

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

  4. I am ready to open my wallet if they bring black mesa. and a +10 event.
  5. Why do people get mad in sparring even when you're a good sport?
  7. Yatokami

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Like, if I'm with 1 other person, I can carry the raid if they can either 1.) buff or 2.) keep up the damage. This is really annoying;;;
  8. Yatokami

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Why do people leave when there's only a few seconds for me to react in Drabaki;;
  9. Yatokami

    Are people doing Varnimyr raids?

    That's besides the point: CP is just a number. You need 250k to get into the dungeon/raid for 12-5 (and I believe 12-6). Believe it or not, in that raid, I do no damage but this is actually my third time going within this week. For someone like me, who does no damage in 12-5, the thing that I need to do is work with the rest of the party and do my part. One thing I like to do is to help with wind orbs if I can. On that note, I completely agree with @LordEclipse's points to a T. I don't even have a +10 weapon but look how far I've gotten with what I have. Also, you can find raids where others will explain what to do/help you learn. :)
  10. Yatokami

    Are people doing Varnimyr raids?

    You really just need to show that you're trying and that you really do want to understand what you're doing. Even OP people die. CP is just a number. If you have high CP and do no damage, then what's the point? As for how I do that: If ingame, I can come to you so you can see my gear.
  11. Yatokami

    Are people doing Varnimyr raids?

    Hi. I have 500k CP and full +9 gear. I go to Vami on a regular basis for mainly 12-5. You don't need 500k CP to go, however. You need 250 to meet the dungeon requirements.
  12. Yatokami

    Do you roleplay when you play Elsword?

    My gf and I do in a way. It's pretty amusing for an Elgirl/Aisha to call an Add broken after killing a boss.
  13. Yatokami

    Gothic Punk IM Set

    It is gothic punk, though. Gothic and goth are also different. OT: +1 from me. I need this for my Add~