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  1. CE and DB are good characters to clear with.
  2. When you get so bored fighting a Laby that you just ignore her and just let time over. She seemed surprised.
  3. she must still rest. even if by FORCE. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  4. Mfw. Ya'll just ask @VoidElsto just show everyone so she doesn't need to keep going back and forth.
  5. @VoidEls Why do you always bring out nice items for the item mall when I get paid? STOP TAKING MY MONEY; I NEED FOOD.
  6. I'm used to fast movements due to beat games, personally. Guitar Hero, OSU, Hit Machine, the likes. After doing that for years and then practicing for so long with Eve, moving to Add was rather easy, though still hard to do. Once I got used to him, now it's just muscle memory. It takes time.
  7. @Baxsus @Cultivate Both of you are saints. I appreciate and respect when someone plays the character(s) in question and understand while also standing by who or what they play. Bless you Baxsus. (idk if you play Chung or not but the icon so I'm assuming-- even so--)
  8. I really wish Laby and Chung players would just fucking die already. Unskilled fucks.
  9. That's a big yikes from me for the Add differences lmfao. God Bless Hwansang.