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  1. zacf


    welcome to the forum ~
  2. zacf

    Hey Hey!

    welcome to the forum ~
  3. zacf


    welcome to the forum ~
  4. zacf

    Hi All

    welcome to the void ~ if you have anything to ask feel free to do ~ enjoy your stay here !
  5. zacf

    Hi Everyone!

    welcome back to void ~ hopefully you will be able to catch up fast XD feel free add me in game Eitzu if you want to ask something or rather just be friend with
  6. zacf

    Back again~

    welcome back to void ~
  7. imma go for radiant soul bubbly bubble ~
  8. zacf

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    i personally wouldn't say i hate it, but maybe like its irritate me like some peeps who really just want free stuff without trying to earn it or peeps who like to brag with being humble but she/he is just want to be praise
  9. zacf

    Hello ~

    welcome to void ~ hope you enjoy your stay here ~
  10. zacf

    Hi~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    welcome to forum ~
  11. zacf

    Hello World

    welcome to void ~ hope you enjoy your stay here ~
  12. i really like the new pose it looks cute and the ibs is kinda nice i guess (?)
  13. zacf

    Hello o/

    welcome back to elsword ! and welcome to the void server ~ hope you enjoy your stay here
  14. zacf

    Hey, I'm Rory.

    hey rory ! welcome to void ~ enjoy your stay and hopefully you will find guild and friends in my opinion, about catching up you can grind it but it really speed things up if you use real money but it's just about your hard work and luck tho.