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  1. welcome back to void ~
  2. zacf


    welcome to void ~ enjoy your stay here
  3. welcome back to void ~ hope you like void now and meet somenew people and new friends
  4. welcome back ~ enjoy your stay here
  5. well for me, the last elsword i play is my country server and it got closed (i play like until the last town was hamel), a few years passing by and i want to play elsword again and searching for private serrver that active to play it and see some youtuber playing this server, then i decide to hop into the server aswell
  6. welcome to void and forum ~ enjoy your stay here
  7. zacf


    welcome to void ~ enjoy your stay here
  8. hi there venci nice to meet you ~ and yes laby and eve is a cutie
  9. this is my best run so far, with +9 void wp and +9 elri eq before try to take a screenshot my best was 1:07 so it's an improvement XD
  10. +1 the luxury wedding costume are so cute and i want it permanent, even if i should buy it from IM or maybe from event idc, i just want them
  11. welcome back to void ~
  12. welcome to the forum ~