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  1. Nice, 2 sets that i don't care about, finally i can save some ED and focus on stuff other than IBs!
  2. How the hell do you spend 12b trying to get a +10? ever heard of level 10 blacksmith...?
  3. well the raids require 250k CP. but regardless of CP, you cant clear the dungeons or do damage without +10 or +11 weapon.
  4. Because its impossible to play the end-game dungeons without +11 or atleast +10 weapons.
  5. Can i see the white ver. for lu, rena, and elesis? :o
  6. Sooo since i got ignored, i will ask again. What is the price for the formal attires? is it 1500EC?
  7. Anyone knows how much the formal attires will cost? :o
  8. They need to calm down with the new and cool sets, let us poor people save some ED. >.>
  9. From what i've seen, i have to solo every dungeon i play, so yes i would say its dying.
  10. I like all the roses, they are fun and beautiful, tho i can agree that they dont really fit into the story.
  11. Dont assume something that you dont know my man. I do play my 26 chars, and all of my 26 chars are well funded with end game IBs and accessories, so yea, just dont assume things.
  12. Yes 26 is not enough. And no i cant just create a new account, i have my magic wardrobe filled with stuff on one account, and all the gear and equipment on one account, doesnt make sense to make another account.