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  1. Shadowh8ter

    What do you think of Arena/PvP on Void?

    I agree most characters are broken at this point so there's no sense really complaining about classes, though you're insane if you think it'd take a week for a none over geared person to get "decent" pvp gear. If you go against someone S rank or higher there's literally only 3 types of people you'll go against. 1. The random who got to S rank or higher from queueing 2v2's/3v3's killing bots and have basic heroic gear. 2. Someone good with really good PVP gear whose playing as if his mother is about to get slaughtered in the other room if he doesn't go on a 80 win streak. 3. Someone who mains PVE and has full +10~11 armor with perfect tears and sockets, a +10~11 weapon with perfect sockets, and hovering a general area using broken near impossible to counter normals, inevitably 2 shotting you. Only 1 of those people you can reasonably beat with gear your average none geared individual can get in a week. Nobody with low quality elrianode gear or mid/high end heroic gear is grinding enough ED in a week (with a reasonable schedule of course) is getting anything better than full +8 elrianode gear with some HP/red/add purple tears, and their +9 heroic weapon. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and say they have the add weapon there's no chance most none geared people have an add weapon with anything even remotely close to optimal mystic stones/discs. Hell it's doubtful they can even get many discs. TLDR: Ur highly overestimating most players chances of beating a full +11 whale Black Massacre spamming Hook Somersault with lag.
  2. Shadowh8ter

    What do you think of Arena/PvP on Void?

    Just a lot of over geared PVE mains who have no clue how to PVP, but they know how to spam super armor normals and with that inherent void lag on top of their internet stick connecting to burger kings public wifi you'll never get a catch without tanking half your HP from 1 combo in order to try to awaken or skill catch them after a mana break. TLDR; I mean honestly I don't know why I queue PVP anymore.
  3. Still the same problem though of having to grind out 2 seperate sets. And I mean lets be honest if I wanna grind that much ED and tears to have a second set just to efficiently use OoR in PVP I'm better off just grinding for a sacrifice title off the board. I just feel there's no incentive to grind for OoR because you get punished for it in PVE and you can get better titles in less time for PVP.
  4. The point of OoR isn't the fact it makes your crit 0, it's the fact you aren't socketing crit into your armor weapons and outfits. Changing your title doesn't do anything, you have to either have really high +'d armor (I don't even know if +9 armor with a bunch of maxi sockets and crit damage tears would get you to high CP) or you have to have a dummy set or armor that has maxi and crit socketed into it so you can enter the dungeon and then take the gear off once you're in. That's true, it probably wouldn't be worth their effort considering how long it took them to get the title back. Just upsetting I'd basically have to grind out 2 sets if I wanna get it here.
  5. Or at least the crit chance? I saw OoR is back and just giggled because you basically need to grind for 2 sets of elrianode gear due to the fact OoR drops your CP by a bunch. Was wondering what everyone else thought.
  6. I'm surprised void doesn't do more of this, unless it's a lot of work I don't know about. I feel like instead of releasing dumpster trash sets most people wont bother buyin every like 2~3 months you just drop a hot IB people like but with a popular recolor idea. and preferably not be in ED burners, I wanna give you my money not hundreds of hours of my days locked inside deb lab.
  7. Shadowh8ter

    What am I supposed to do against Dominators?

    I feel that, it's been the strat so far. Kill them without getting grazed or get killed by them without grazing em.
  8. What should I do when I go against those nerds who just stall the whole game and catch with that suck in skill that has a year long time stop attached to it? Is it preferably to be on the ground rather than the air? I know it's easy to break but I've been put in a decent amount of scenarios where I didn't really have the opportunity to just walk over and break it. Do I just accept defeat when they get 1 combo on me because I know theyre going to forever loop it into time stop skill catches. Hep >owo>
  9. I picked up innocent recently and I'm wondering why ciels trampoline jump Z is so useless. It doesn't really catch, anything, even if it does if you're any amount of height in the air by the time you land they're out of the hitstun, it does literally no damage and just feeds mana, unlike Lu's version he's forced into his Lu can at least normal air Z and then you have the option to press Z into the same useless attack, BUT AT LEAST WITH HER'S SHE CAN CONFIRM OFF OF IT BY PRESSING X AND DIVE BOMBING INTO THE ENEMY! It's just stupid to me, it feels like they put it there to pseudo nerf the class for all future updates. Like don't worry in case Ciel ever feels a little excited he literally can't air z out of trampoline so you'll never ever ever use Ciel as a lead on innocent because one of your best catch tools is removed for no reason.
  10. Shadowh8ter

    lol bye or whatever

    I don't know much about it myself as I'm fairly new, but even the bit I've interacted with him has been rather toxic on his end. In 1 thread he deemed everyone who didn't think exactly like him on the threads topic a transphobe and stated he'd block them all, and in another thread according to a user within this thread, he deemed everyone who disagreed with him on a nonsensical topic racist. He's openly stated he's transgender before, so from the looks of it he seems like a walking talking stereotype of an extremely progressive SJW, which are rather toxic people to interact with assuming you don't agree with them on literally everything. Dude seems overly emotional about shit, not surprised he has enemies. If he didn't deserve the ban though it's still upsetting to see him go even if he's a bit of a dick. Hope if he didn't actually hack he gets his account back and he comes back in a few weeks/months.
  11. Shadowh8ter

    lol bye or whatever

    You get treated how you treat others.
  12. Shadowh8ter

    lol bye or whatever

    He called me a transphobe because I said it was ignorant to call people a transphobe simply because they're uneducated on transgenderism or happen to disagree with him on the topic. Wouldn't be surprised such a walking talking stereotype acts the same towards race debate. Someones projecting.
  13. Shadowh8ter

    No ETA™

    ETA's on more specific things would be a bit nice. I know we consistently get patches, however the contents of the patches obviously vary. It'd be nice to know when roughly IB's get updated for example, or when new IB's plan on coming out. I'm sure they already have a list in order of what IB's they plan on releasing. Like next IB rotation is gonna be this, then this, then this. I'd be hoarding more money to throw at the game if I knew when Black Messa comes out. If it suddenly came out tomorrow I wouldn't be able to buy it for awhile because I havent exactly been saving up to buy anything as of recent, where as if I knew about it a few weeks in advanced, I'd probably have $100~200 stashed up to go ham because I'm finna look cute.
  14. Shadowh8ter

    No ETA™

    I don't see any, nor have I seen any posted, negatives to just lettin people know what they're workin on. I see nothing but positives personally. It's a private server for crying out loud, this is one of the best benefits to private servers, a more personalized staff. If we see cunts who spam general asking for ETA's we tell them to shut up and eat ass, but I don't see anything wrong with bi weekly posts being like "Ayy we workin on this and that, no idea when it'll be finished tho. This is what we got in the big update, but don't expect that for awhile". Like that provides no specific dates, but just lets me know what's going on. And it provides financial incentive to people. For example of I knew they were working on the black Messa I'd be stashing more money than normal to put into the game for when it comes out so I can get it. Expectations and incentive promotes people spending more money on the game and playing it more to work towards future things they want. If I'm missing some downsides though I'm more than open to the idea, I just haven't seen any other than hyperbolic sillyness.
  15. Shadowh8ter

    No ETA™

    I also voted bi weekly. I personally don't care if they gave us specific dates, I thought it'd just be nice to know what they're working on and what not. Also a couple day reminder that content is gonna rotate out and be replaced with new content wouldn't hurt anybody imo.