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  1. Sazana

    Farewell. [+ Huge Giveaway]

    @God Ignored.
  2. Sazana

    Farewell. [+ Huge Giveaway]

    @Apsara @God is there a problem for wanting to participate in the giveaways even though I didn't have an original account on void forums cause I just started playing month ago? smh don't get me involved with that other person please for whatever reason w/o knowing what's really happening. P.S that's non of your business, and he/she didn't say such a rule for the 'giveaway' don't judge around.
  3. Sazana

    Farewell. [+ Huge Giveaway]

    Hello !~ I hope you find something interesting in your life further more ! <3 Can i get salvatore solace Eclipse for Lu please ? <3 reason : would be really appreciated since im trying my best to make my Luciel a good-looking character !~ `^` ♥ IGN : Sazana ty in advance <3