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  1. The first character that I made in elsword was Rena... A lvl 7 i've deleted her
  2. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't notice! Thank you for explaining me my mistake
  3. I edited my post, does it work now?
  4. 2 - Guild Pack * This applies once per guild!2,500 guild coins to all participating guilds Once per guild, not for member... It's much, yea, but it's only 2.5k for your guild, not more. Not for each members of your guild. You're not counting people with more characters. Yea, it's easy to farm 5k for one character, but for more chars you want to improve? If you count only three char, you need 15k of Energy shard... 15k it's so many. If you drop 3 pieces per run, it's 5k run to complete only three weapon. And seriusly, it's more useful No Ticket Elrianode Dungeons (Tower spam=TH job, exp and Tiar) than All Secret Dungeons Opened (TH job, exp... Barrier?) Neway, I don't want to change your choices, but i'll just explain my personal opinion
  5. I honestly think that 100% Random Mission and All SDs Opened isn't the best choice for server. Yea, i really like Altera and Ranox SD, but it's okay if in a week they are open only 2 days each... And 100% Random Missions is good, yea, but we can already benefit with +800% EXP (It's really too much). So, my choice will be: +800% EXP Double Title Count +50% All Profession EXP Double Energy Fusion Drops Double Title Count for really difficult titles +50% All Profession EXP for all TH and BH in the server (with the medal becomes +100%) +800% EXP for ERP level Double Energy Fusion Drops for Shards. Yea, you only talked about Void Weap, but the shards? Do you really want to lose the chance to drop 7-11 shard per run? Without mention the EXP farm can you abuse in Add's dg, especially with +800 EXP. I agree with you for Socket Pack (It's really a good package)... But really the Guild pack? I think the void can benefict more with 4 +9 rather than with 2.5k Guild Coins (For one guild memebers) Yea, there are really a lot 2.5k Guild Coins, but I don't think anybody really need them (and the +9 with easy improvement is really hard to get).
  6. Uhm, no. I don't want the sinister intent materials become bankshared; U can do 3 run a day and that's fine. If u remove this limit the craftable accessories would lose their meaning and their price- ~At most you could make the cube accessory bankshared to open it with another Character Edit: And in this way you could even make more accessories for the same character in less time (3 accessories in 14 days for (for example) Laby instead of 40 days for the same 3 accessories)
  7. I hope they can come back. At the end the tickets and the wonder cube were an exclusive of the void... So why not keep the compressed?
  8. So, with the Gate of Darkness rewamp, the Compressed Darkness is now disappear?
  9. CoBo Amulet is already not tradable Is to prevent the creation of too many accounts with only one character for event of +10 amulet as a last year, I think
  10. After 100 run of Add's dungeon (2 hour) with Greed Medal, I obtained only 50-55 Frost Shard. Should I get 40 hours of nonstop spam to get 999 Frost Shard? Yeah, one dg can u drop 2-3 Frost Shard... But it can be obtain also 0 Frost Shard a dg. I don't want spend my holyday AND 500 m for only an +10 amulet OR HH Elite OR +11 armour amulet. I prefer pay 3b for an +10 traidable amulet. Please, nerf it. Make a tradable for 400-500 Frost Shard or Make craftable for 200 Frost Shard and 300-400m... But please, nerf it.
  11. Uhm hello! I don't know what else to write ... So ... Is it right if I just say hi?