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  1. Shied

    Buff/Change Orbs

    +1 'cause why not, it's good
  2. Hey there, Shad and welcome to Void Elsword community It's nice to meet you too and glad to have you around, I'm sure it won't disappoint so be sure to have fun
  3. Hey there and welcome! You've made a good decision and I hope you enjoy your time here and have fun, it's a pleasure to meet you and glad to have you here
  4. Yeeeeee boiiiiiiii, another veteran returns to the game i get so emotional and happy, help I think I was around that time when the crisis was a thing, maybe a bit before it but I was hopping since I was mainly playing on NA but ayyy it's good to have you return back, I love both PvE and PvP equally tbh, I was more on the PvP side but PvE isn't so bad just till I get used to PvP with Laby I'm sort of a returning player as well, being away for almost a year due to playing other games, I've returned last month or so, the journey of coming back is fun, I kid you not I look forward to seeing you in PvP/Sparring and good luck with capping [Insert warm welcome here with lots of hugs]
  5. Hey there, Val and welcome I see you're somewhat an old veteran as well, veterans would be the only ones to have seen the real old and fun Elsword, every MMORPG is P2P but you see, that's why private servers exist, to make our lives easier and here you are, you'll face almost no problems playing here I come from the same region you come from but don't worry, you'll manage to fit in with time. The same applies to you too, bud, always around for ya and glad to have you along
  6. Queue has been bugged ever since the update v2.4 took place. So even if there's only you in queue, don't cancel it, you could enter with a full party. And same goes if there's 4 or more in queue, it could be just a fake number and there's only you in queue. Point is, just wait to find out.