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  1. welp basically, I got so bored of Els, everything got the same, i'm so laggy to do dung, I just log on to see my chara, see my friend list and see no one connected so, I don't find a reason to keep.... So I will basically quit Void until I feel motivated to play again -w-'' so just goodbye and I hope you keep enjoying elsword I don't have anything more to say I may keep on forum but tbh nothing to do too *SIGH* nobody cares but yes just that
  2. I don't usually get less inclined to buy something just because of hangers. But also, for me it sometimes depends of the situation? In the case the price of the item gets the same price, fine, and if unhangering price lowered (with hangers + cotsume obv) then too much better too. That cases I won't buy is that just a bit (or same price) of the item gets expensive and you have to pay hangers also ^ this is not the case usually, but anyway sometimes happens. so, neutral I think?
  3. I don't think it's worth to change it tbh. I mean, what would benefice people to use it? I mean, someone could get back to Void cuz curiosity, but, lose interest in not too much time. But, necro, since I don't mind
  4. some people is dying for the maintenance to finish. i'm dying for how long it will take to downloand. save me
  5. Unnie

    wow you look so skinny today

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      but im more skinny biatch


      superthumb.jpg?t=1515604838 its me now 

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  6. everyone keeps leaving and leaving continously oof :( we will miss you a lot, enjoy whatever you will do next and do it as better as you can
  7. welcome back and enjoy your stay!
  8. welcome to void! i'm a lu/ciel player so feel free to ask help (not for chara but for whatever, helping in dung etc) enjoy your stay <3
  9. god... i will miss party hard with ya in spam thread :( i will miss u a lot ♥ either way have a good time there in new york! <3
  10. Welcome!! ♥ enjoy your stay ik you will make lots of friends c: