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  1. Void is easy enough and doesn't need to be easier
  2. I personally despise lvling new chars I hate every second of it and wish I could skip past it and go straight to lvl 99.
  3. opti

    Necromancer set

    ok but fr wheres rose
  4. To be fair if you really wanted it so bad you'd buy that sv piece for 5b but if you dont want to then you can wait like the rest of us who are waiting for x rotation to happen
  5. https://gyazo.com/5f56b4266ac632ae35081cd61e2fa309 if only i had the courtesy of 5-8 fps
  6. bruh not like the 20 void weps were FINAL CONCLUSION it was an IDEA it wasnt set in stone at all if you had common sense you would understand that but just cause your shit pc can run it doesnt mean others can.
  7. There’s other means to getting stones, not just dropping money on the game. Actually farming for money/stones if it be through events,12-8, Henir services, etc. that makes it harder for us who can’t do raid and even more time spent then raiders.
  8. +111111, but the idea can be better. My idea goes like this: There’s a new dungeon that has a drop specifically for the exchange, the drop only drops once per day 100% chance to get it and drops 1 item, no more no less. It takes X months to get enough of this item to in the end craft the weapon. The dungeon won’t be easy like DoSI or add, it will require GEAR that not just any new alt with heroic can do. With this idea for the drop that gives it time and effort just like how raid takes time and effort (although most just get carried and do nothing on new alts for extra chances) for us players that don’t have chances to play raid and get the best wep in game and for those of us who can’t buy or aren’t allowed expensive PCs. I really hope something gets implemented for us because we can’t progress anymore into the game because of this barrier that can’t be beat.
  9. 100000000% needs to be added and I’m sure lots of people want this. I’ve been wanting a diff class for rose/ain and I can’t cause of the other tear colors so this will help me and the rest of the community. I’m hoping everyday it gets brought into void in the near future and wouldn’t be disagreed upon
  10. Hi gamers I'm a fellow gamer and no life on void that's in love with Oz Sorcerer. I'm a :5head: and a god of the market who shit posts. I don't use the forum that much but been getting into it more and more slowly. (im not new to void)
  11. ya ive had to literally drop my ec rate to 7:100 just so my shit actually sells or im just wasting megas at that point because n o o n e buys my shit or msgs me to buy all of it at 6:100 so they can resell it on board
  12. I think its because of new players not knowing what rates are or they are desperate to quickly sell, but I agree the way ec rate is going is not good at all.
  13. So far you cant get the mats anymore so you cant buy the old stuff like newts, cronus, etc unless you kept a bunch of mats
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