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  1. my first character was chung DC i loved spamming one of his combos in pvp and making people angry hhhh those were some amazing times but soon after i continued to switch mains a lot xp rip my chung in the na server which i abandoned a long time ago
  2. thanks u wub 93 currently, ive only made 2 characters so far o vob
  3. i dont see an introduction channel ,,, ; _;
  4. thanks again! and yeah i need some help capping ; _; my ign is Masochisted
  5. ooo thanks ill try retrieving my account later once im finished capping ain im interest in joining your guild, im on right if you wanna add me or is there a guild application ? o wob
  6. im back from a 7 month break from void i made a new account coz i forgot what was the name of my old account so im restarting as Diangelion and Bluhen (still trying to cap my EE/Bluhen,i may need help with gearing/stats/skill build/erp) Is there perhaps a guild i could join or some friends i could hang out with? it'd be greatly appreciated ! ; u;b i also have discord if you wanna send me a message there instead: GVUM#8445 *goes back to leveling lmao*