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  1. Tbh, I'm just working in hell customer service here. Good luck with the guild tho.
  2. I think you misunderstood..You seem to come off extremely aggressive with this as well. I meant as in certain mile stone rewards, and it was only an example at best. Being rude is most certainly not needed, but it was a pitched idea to throw out there. I'm no math genius, so apologies. e-e As said, Exampled. Why I asked for you to put on your own thoughts towards what they could possibly do with it.
  3. Possibly, I didn't wanna include costumes mostly for the fact that it just feels waaay too generic to throw costumes into the mix w/ it. (Not a bad idea tho!)
  4. So, I was playing a game called "Dokkan Battle" and it's well known for it's game-mode called "Boss Rush". (You fight every single Event they've done/enemy for a reward.) So what if void hosted a month/week event for something like this? Basically just a chain of fighting bosses, monsters, etc. The higher you get through the monsters, the better the reward. Now, I know some people are gonna argue; "Henir" or "City" but I meant a spin on it where basically as you go through the higher levels it gets harder and the enemies get much stronger! (Since you must consider a lot of people probably have a Void weapon and maybe even have it +9 from Christmas event / x2 event.) For example: Making it to Level/Round 1,000 rewards a +8 or +9 amul or can reward etc. (It'd be something for Void staff to balance out in their own plans and ideas.) The biggest reason why I feel like this'd be so interesting is because it that it brings a huge chunk of replay ability towards Players as well a good strive for getting stronger. To balance the replay ability, you could make it reward the item to ex-change (like any other event) or make it a x1 reward per completion of the event, so basically when you run through it you don't get infinite +9 Amuls. And even then, it'd be quite fun to just run even w/o the rewards or after obtaining your rewards already as it's a good way to host friendly competitions and just see as far as you can go with it really. I had some ideas similar to this for rewards; 10 Rounds Beaten: 5 Organic Apples 50 Rounds Beaten: 10 Organic Apples 100 Rounds Beaten: +8 Magic Amulet 350 Rounds Beaten: 4 Warped Magic stone of the Wise 800 Rounds Beaten: (Couldn't think of anything) 1,000 Rounds Beaten: +9 Magic Amulet With the specific reward being specific bosses, for example maybe 1,000 rounds beaten can be Hennon or something and then you could end it there, or replace the rewards for ed even! Just balance out the ED given. For example; maybe the max you can get for each reward max is just 100 million or 150 million. (Up to void staff or you guys to balance this out.) That for the most part is my idea, I am still thinking about it and tweaking on it a bit but i'd love to hear the people's voices! As well staff and hear what their thoughts on this is. If you -1, please inform me why! I'd love to hear where I made a mistake or mis-calculated something. I am not one to be bitter of being told i'm wrong. :3 (I will say this, Please don't argue or get mad at each other because of someone's difference of opinion..keep it mature and relaxed.. <3)
  5. Hi, so I left..a few months or so ago back? After a pretty big drought and drain of void..I gave up. (Biggest mistake of my damned life.) It took a lot of begging and time from friends for me to give void another shot. But I caved and logged in for the first time in what felt like a rather long time. I had a 255 count on add's dungeon before I left, It was a pretty huge downer I did all those runs and didn't get it but..1 failed run and 1 successful run as soon as I log in for the first time and months..there it was sitting. I had dropped the cube. I honestly thought it was a fluke, and I wasn't going to let it make my final decision. I ran dungeon after excitement growing and exploding back into this game and this beautiful community! I decided to stick to void for a week and see if my passion for it re-kindled. (Spoiler: It did.) I've reached a power or a height I never thought i'd ever see before in my entire life with this game. As of right now, I'm at 233k Combat power. When I left, I was at probably 140k/150k. (With the free raid weapon they gave.) I've completed 2 of my friends wish list, Bought my lover her favorite set (Mariposa), and I made a group with all my friends and new coming friends. I grinded 300 El rewards for that title. (FYI, Brain storm I had with friends - Add a counter that shows how much BF you threw just to get that.) And i'm not done yet either. I'm gonna keep growing, and i'm gonna keep doing whatever it takes to make as many people as happy as I possibly can. That's what I set out to do, and I'm not gonna stop until I pass away. I'm gonna finish my lover's Elrianode set. I'm gonna soar to 300k next. I'm gonna get my void weap to +10, and i'm gonna finish my own Elrianode set. (Balance's are only at about 25, gotta get them up to prolly 28/29.) And I think the biggest thank you I owe, is to you void community/staff. I didn't get here just by "buying ec"(Don't Get Technical >.>'') or by being rich or none of that nonsense. My heart is kindled to make my time on void the best, along with making it the most for others to enjoy as well. :) I love you void community, lets see what we can achieve Together.
  6. Well, It's hard for me to explain but in short; Goodbye. In long; Void lately has just lost all motivation with me and my interest have just transfered to other things and other games. Never will I ever discredit Void to another game, but overtime interest change! I love the work Void staff have put into their server and how friendly they can be. I've been more interested in what I grew up with; Pokemon. I'm working on making Pokemon Rom Hacks and i'm also throwing down a challenge towards MapleStory2 to see how that goes for me and my interest. I will miss the Void community, and I will not ever forget it. <3 I wasn't on the void forums long enough to leave my most important message, but let this be it here and now; I love you! You are special and never let anyone tell you who you are. <3
  7. +1 This is great and would do wonders for those who wish to get married and it actually mean something with their spendings! :D
  8. Thank you! :) I considered it..but tbh i'd probably never touch it and it'd collect dust lul. Also Mad Paradox's play style just old and so..not right for me. Hence why I'm not making another main. I have troubles taking care of 1 currently. :thonk:
  9. So, Recently I did a lot of debating for myself. Me and my girlfriend had a lot of discussion about it too but I finally decided to turn a new leaf and change my main. I've played Add Diabolic, Esper since.. mid 2015 probably. I believe the sad feeling comes around memories about playing a character for so long and doing so much with the character. I am swapping to a Raven, Furious Blade but idk. It's also really expensive to transfer Mains as well >.> So wish me luck with that ed grind hell. I just felt like Add slowly lost my interest in play style for a long time. It kinda felt like I was forcing myself to play the character as well. :/ I just thought i'd mention this for anyone who understands or can relate. My new IGN is OniDecoded. Well thank you guys, and I don't plan to stop my studies or activity in the community over it. :3 I still plan to make tons of nerdy calculations and theories. Love you guys and keep being awesome!
  10. Hiyah! Me and a few friends have decided to open our own guild after..some..weird drama. Our Guild is called ReaperCouncil and it's a PVE/PVP Guild! It's..sorta everything? Well just whatever you wanna do really..we even have our own discord server where we can help our guild members a lot easier and reach out to them better! We've completely reviewed and went over everything in our discord to make sure it was all Void rule friendly of course and even made sure to take extra measures with our rules as well categories! We are also an open Guild towards feedback as our discord has a suggestions to channel to where you can throw your own thoughts/opinons! I also have ADDed (Puns ;D) something similar to Void's official discord, which pls no take offense too, where you can role yourself certain roles that assist with you as a player! Things like; EDGrinding, DungeonGrinding, and LevelGrinding! We also try to fully support Void's forums for assistance as well answers to certain things such as; How to grind ED, How to do SDs, What are drop rates, Etc etc! We care nothing for instant growth, but only to create a guild where everyone can be joyous and enjoy themselves! No level Requirement, Experience requirement etc! However we are only a Lv. 1 Guild currently and I understand that's not too attractive to many but it's fair to be able to pick what you want out here. So no hard feelings! ;) If there's anymore information you'd like to know feel free to ask! Note for Moderators: If there is ANYTHING wrong with this post or features to it as well our Discord please pretty please inform me! I'd love to make sure we clear up anything that's wrong or done incorrectly. (It's your job to make sure that people don't do wrong, so I take no offense to you questioning or informing me about it. <3 I love and respect all Moderators and their jobs as i'm someone who has had experience with administration/moderation for 5 years in a multitude of huge servers and what not.) IGN: MajinDecoded (MP) My discord contact is on my profile! :3 If you do join, Our discord is on the guild message. (Not sure if I can post Discord links or not. ^^;)
  11. Sorry i've been busy for the past day or two. :c School just started and i'm trying to focus on juggling my Senior year and stuff. :3 Though i'll still be pretty active so! Love you guys! 

  12. It doesn't exactly have to be a playable character. :3 Just anything that has story in general! But I did quite think Solace's story was sad. :c Mm, Raven's story for me was kinda nice! It was well fitting for his over-all character. To me Raven would kinda be like the big strong type but on the low is a sensitive marshmellow. >D> Thank you! I try to find intriguing things to ask or get the opinion of others typically..Sometimes you get people who have just been having a bad day and sometimes you get a community to talk. .v. Also I felt like Eve's story was a tiny tiny bit shafted and slept on but I still think it was great and well built despite those thoughts. Elesis and Ara's story I haven't read up on too too much, but I get the gist of how stuff goes. lol
  13. +1! Absolutely! :D New content and new titles especially would bring a lot of attention to Void but also give us more chances to BeGrindAddicts Enjoy the game more. :3