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  1. who the fuck are all of these randoms with no pfps visiting my profile

    1. Hated


      your undercover fans

  2. laby

    [1/4/19] Update Discussion Thread

    ass rotation
  3. eats ur ass

  4. oath is a really difficult guild to beat
  5. farewell! its funny cause i'm facing the exact opposite issue you are lmao
  6. l2une

    laby more like maybe its maybelline

    1. laby


      12une more like where is rune

  7. it’s not that serious calm down
  8. EOVD shouldn't be in ED burners because there are much better sets that can be in the rotation For example, CD is rare as fuck and Abyssal Pegasus too, so those would be much better IBs to have in the rotation Why should we put EOVD in the rots when the sets are already really cheap and pretty common?
  9. @Xera @Structure i have not received my ec for winning vd