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  1. idol

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    I saved up 7b for this very day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy to be alive right now!!!
  2. Welcome back! ^^ For guilds i would recommend [Luminary], or [Shatter] both nice guilds. Enjoy you're stay
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    Image result for smh meme

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    2. Purrs


      oof why is there no hug emoji Dx

    3. Moegami


      *when u have to go to school*

      yes i feel the pain *hugs*

    4. idol


      Lol hang in there Cyb! Its almost over with!!

  4. We gonna be twins! Same! It's different here when i can easily afford gear for it. Meanwhile on NA the struggle is real smh
  5. Nisha because i already have the other two on NA!
  6. Preferred Name: SugarIGN: Keko Yujin'sMain/Alt?: MainOld/Current Guild (If you have one): ShatterFavorite K-Pop Song: BTS DNA StrawberryFavorite K-Pop Artist: HARD CHOICE! Loona!K-Pop Bias: Jinsoul
  7. idol

    The only thing nice about the profile is the vaporwave cover smhh 

    1. AKC



      Thank you ;_;

  8. When you see that someone from staff viewed your profile and you instantly think you're getting banned LOL

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    2. BlackHand


      Bless your soul Jin 


    3. Moegami


      LOOOOOOL. You won't get banned babbyyyy

    4. Biscu


      the feels

  9. I'm a "revers trap" to my friends. Idk if thats good or bad. :syobonyanSparkle:

  10. idol

    Hey Vsauce, Seyrenn here

    Welcome to the game and forums Look forward to seeing you around. Enjoy your stay!
  11. Noticed you left your old acc, decided to come by and follow you back ~!

    1. idol


      Thanks sinnia!! :gc_Love::syobonyanWave:

  12. Berthe no :c Well at least your still in spam thread server. I will miss you and thanks for being a great person AND DONATING YOUR SEALS TO MY PAST GIVEAWAYS You're an angel <3 Good and have fun on whatever you play next!
  13. idol

    Welp, I've returned!

    I think i remember you!! But anyways welcome back to the game and forums~ See you in-game!
  14. Hi Phii! You're accepted! I'll send you an invite to the guild right now~