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  1. I saved up 7b for this very day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy to be alive right now!!!
  2. Welcome back! ^^ For guilds i would recommend [Luminary], or [Shatter] both nice guilds. Enjoy you're stay
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    2. Nemmy


      oof why is there no hug emoji Dx

    3. Kew


      *when u have to go to school*

      yes i feel the pain *hugs*

    4. Poison


      Lol hang in there Cyb! Its almost over with!!

  4. We gonna be twins! Same! It's different here when i can easily afford gear for it. Meanwhile on NA the struggle is real smh
  5. Nisha because i already have the other two on NA!
  6. Preferred Name: SugarIGN: Keko Yujin'sMain/Alt?: MainOld/Current Guild (If you have one): ShatterFavorite K-Pop Song: BTS DNA StrawberryFavorite K-Pop Artist: HARD CHOICE! Loona!K-Pop Bias: Jinsoul
  7. Poison

    The only thing nice about the profile is the vaporwave cover smhh 

    1. AKC



      Thank you ;_;

  8. When you see that someone from staff viewed your profile and you instantly think you're getting banned LOL

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    2. Zouro


      Bless your soul Jin 


    3. Kew


      LOOOOOOL. You won't get banned babbyyyy

    4. ewrewr
  9. I'm a "revers trap" to my friends. Idk if thats good or bad. :syobonyanSparkle:

  10. Welcome to the game and forums Look forward to seeing you around. Enjoy your stay!
  11. Noticed you left your old acc, decided to come by and follow you back ~!

    1. Poison


      Thanks sinnia!! :gc_Love::syobonyanWave:

  12. Berthe no :c Well at least your still in spam thread server. I will miss you and thanks for being a great person AND DONATING YOUR SEALS TO MY PAST GIVEAWAYS You're an angel <3 Good and have fun on whatever you play next!
  13. I think i remember you!! But anyways welcome back to the game and forums~ See you in-game!
  14. Poison


    Hi Phii! You're accepted! I'll send you an invite to the guild right now~