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  1. I just want the EOvd combo for my Rena because why not also even though I'm very unlucky, maybe I'll waste ED on trying to get the +11 or +10 fml
  2. California Dreaming Summer Drink IGN:Flirting
  3. Eve>Rena>Ara on NA. I always wanted to be a Eve main but I'm just a filthy Ara main and have been for years, oof.
  4. At the moment, they are letting the community vote for rules (such as gear,titles,costumes,etc.). The poll is ending on the 12th of this month I'm pretty sure.~
  5. PvP wasnt always so gear based back then, got to SSS years ago with plain ol spar gear lmao.
  6. Gear based? Ugh, miss the days when everything wasn't gear based not gonna lie.
  7. oo ty for letting me know! ill add that soon
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