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  1. Oh hi there, i joined the void elsword forums a little long ago, but never introduced myself properly! I've played elsword for over 3-4 years or so, and have tooken massive breaks, but i can't just seem to quit. I love when i get to meet friends who like to join in Sparring, PvP, PvE, and talking! I main eve and elesis, right now, but i'm trying to find new mains *v* I like to help other people out when they need help, with leveling and etc! If you ever wanna shoot me a message, or want to become friends, friend me on discord! Obito#4257 I'm new to forums in general, so i'm kinda new to this stuff, but i'm trying. And that's all i have, bye everyone! ♥
  2. Name: Obito IGN: Sasgay Discord: i'm not a robot#4257 Additional Info, Requests, or Questions: none uwu