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  1. AD, NBS, EO, SV, RB, HNOr, SS, and DKDS are all unlikely because Ain currently has them. I was thinking VAK and GF/SI was going to be this rotation, but it seems not. As it stands there's still another three months to complete Ain's sets before they logically re-rotate anything else, unless they put VAK and VAKBN in one IB, which I doubt considering they separate others like DY/HDY. I suppose I "want" VAKBN the most. It is nice.
  2. I think there's two reasons why they don't do this. The first being that we already know what's going to be included in large updates, as it's basically the matter of, "What does NA have that we don't." Events are usually the same each time around with different crafts/a different theme, which makes them easier to predict, though I'm not complaining. The second being that I think they don't want to raise hopes in case something goes wrong and it gets delayed. They'll have to answer as many, "But you said"s as they do now with "No ETA" memes.
  3. I wouldn't expect SG for a while. Already rotated since Ain's release and we still have sets to go through for him.
  4. How was everyone expecting an event. Wasn't the last Valentine's event in 2k16. They might do a spring or skip to summer. A rotation I'll pass on. Don't remember the poses.
  5. They said once a long time ago the servers were located in EU. Their FAQ currently states it has six country relays, though doesn't include where, which I wouldn't bother asking as that's undoubtedly intentional. As for catching up: the answer is your patience. In reality you could work your way up, but you won't get there in two or three weeks without an insane amount of luck on RNG identification. If you're willing to grind and milk events, you'll do fine. But if you're unwilling to go that long or were thinking of competing now, the reality is you would have to invest.
  6. Pariah

    My first pet

    -1 to Keroro and friends, I like them as an Item Mall addition. Plus Dororo is a very meta pet. If anything, event > permanent craft for them, moreso than most other pets in the game. Candy Devil was in the Halloween event and the Kumiho is re-rotated every so often already. That leaves Mellow, RX, Elizabeth, and the Hatchlings. RX and the Hatchlings are more collector's items rather than useful pets, so I'm really indifferent to what Void does with them (though RX was part of a "version cube" I believe a long time ago.) Elizabeth was in Treasure Chests - will probably be recycled through them again later. And Mellow is desirable for the "cute" aspect, which I feel would be better used in an event or even as Treasure Chest filler later. Apink cards are very easy to quickly accumulate even if you're a casual player; I tend not to favour suggestions that include a low volume of them for an exchange, personally. Overall -1, especially to the Keroro line even with adjustments to the suggestion if it includes them as permanent options from an exchange.
  7. I get the feeling trying to remove normalization would fuck up far more in the code than just those stats.
  8. Edit: Nevermind, not dragging another one out.
  9. And your explanation was never relevant in this server. As it stands in Void, pages are a luxury. The resets weren't.
  10. I'm 90% certain Ran commented on this once upon a time and said there were some technical difficulties and it wasn't possible, like the poses. But in that 10% uncertainty, I'd +1 if it's possible. BQ eyes on ES, please.
  11. Difference being that Void actually has forcible income with one and the other is in-game currency which is already decently burned through other means. Also, how is having multiple skill trees more than a mere convenience given the resets have been free in Void since near the release of them. Both the equipment page and the skill page currently exist as pressing two because you're too lazy, or can potentially forget something.