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  1. Can someone please lock & move this to random. I just got cancer from their argumentation. OT: If you don't wanna invest time into grinding, in an RNG heavy grinding game, then quit.
  2. I actually wrote the +13 cursive. Please get a joke, of course we won't get a +13 amulet.
  3. During the event, tons of +9s dropped & a fair amount of +10s & +11s. Just because not everyone got a +11, doesn't means that the "RNG was terrible". It would've been terrible, if everyone would've dropped rare stuff. That's a whole different style of event, that can of course be added, but doesn't has anything to do with my suggestion. That's literally what I'm suggesting (to happen again), because I, & many others, really liked it.
  4. Just gonna put some salt in here, definitely not enough though. By the way guys, it's not about the gear itself, it's because of the tears.