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  1. +1 on just adding the consumables, like why would u even need 69 pages just for those mats neutral on mentor mats
  2. u come to suggestion threads voting -1 for whatever reason without explaining so i'll vote -1 cause i CaN but oh wait there's no -1 option lmao
  3. people who vote -1 are masochists or some shit idk +1 ofc
  4. free consumables at least no event tho
  5. ambush deals so much cause it ignores 100% def and dmg red its like pre-nerf apollyon but for 30mp lol
  6. challenge obezaar is cancer, indeed i managed to kill it with a +9 CS only cause i was running around and spamming needles had seraphim's blessing and GoD buff so i dont run out of mana too fast as well as 100/100 mp cost reduction lmao
  7. ohmy am surprised you had the will to even sit there for that long
  8. big +1 as ^ said, there will be no harm adding this lmao also its so cute aaaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. its so hard to kill obezaar on challenge with mid-geared alts it took me a while with a +9 CS but at least i can kill it even tho i died like 4 times before finally killing him lmao
  10. check your mailbox, should be there
  11. i mean, we had the GS change since 2.5 also GS with fusion does more,so idk keep it on trans slot ig
  12. iirc basically you can upgrade force skills rare force + some stone idk > elite force elite force + some stone too > unique those stones r for henir mats btw
  13. +1 to both legendary forces arent that powerful even, so