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  1. @VoidCM @VoidEls Has the FPS issue in Drabaki/Raids been fixed yet?
  2. Title. How many an hour roughly? 40 Frost Shards. Which dungeon(s)? Add's Energy Fusion Theory. Drop Rate Medal and/or Drop Rate Sockets? Drop Rate Medal Only. Format below if you'd like to use it.
  3. Since finding a 5 stack El Tear is nearly impossible, would it be possible to create an exchange containing the following? (1) Red/Blue/Purple All Skill Damage (Hyper Active/Wedding skill excluded) +28% / 32% / 36% / 40% / 44% / [5*Enhancement Stats]%(Dungeon) in exchange for (1) Red/Blue/Purple Upon using Flexibility, Tenacity, Strength and Bravery Skill, Bravery Skill's Damage for 15 seconds +6% / 7% / 8%/ 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]% (5 Stacks) (Dungeon) This can be added either as a permanent exchange at an NPC or in the upcoming Christmas event.
  4. Guild Coins: 100~250k ED each. Hard-Boiled Eggs: 20~50k ED each. Why? 1. The lack of supply of Guild Coins due to them no longer being tradeable hinders private Guilds who may consist of only one/a few members therefore clearing Guild Expeditions for Guild Coins will be much harder. 2. Waiting every 10 minutes to repeatedly click for an egg within a 30 second time frame is not worth tge wait duration for the small amount you receive. 3. Free ED Burner. What are your thoughts?
  5. You have the pictures for all character? Bride/Groom (2 Colors, Luciel, Rose, & Ain)
  6. Bride/Groom (2 Colors, Luciel, Rose, & Ain) Anyone have the pictures for this costume for all characters?