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  1. Name/Nickname (optional): Alfred IGN: LeoLabyClass: EtWPrevious Guild (if you were in one before): PhoenixGuildGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): +10 Elrianode/+10 VoidTimezone: GMT+8 BeijingAbout you (optional): Curious and reliableWhy did you decide to join this Guild?: I felt alone in my guild, I am not really a talker but it's good to see other people online.
  2. Millennial Laby Beach #Ootd IGN: LeoLaby Description After a long arduous months of learning the potential of Nisha, the forest princess decided to take a break together with her teenage friends. Learning the ways of the outside world influenced her personality and taste for fashion, especially for this hot summer season. Decided to keep her innocent appeal, she put on the most kawaii dress she got from her social media friends. ITEMS
  3. Took me almost a week to get all +10 amus. 6 hours per 300 shells. Plus I have to sleep, eat, work and spend time with my girl. a total of 6 days.
  4. Extend. Although I can spend 6 hours to get an amulet, I realized after getting two that I need to get a life
  5. yeah, I think I'll go with the enhancing. RNG God hates me
  6. I was wondering if it's easier to get +10 amu through chest or doing it through flourites
  7. Just like what the title says.... How many chest did it take for you to get +10 Amu? or Races Go?
  8. Well as a F2P player, for me It is not wise to make void type just be given away. First of all, everything is almost free here in void. I returned from playing void last 2 months ago since I created my account last 2017. I didn't find it very fun back then but with the recent changes and more understanding about the server I was able to have a lot of fun for 2 months now. Part of that fun is grinding for void types, honestly with the release of the FoJ, getting Void Weap seems easier to get than ever. I was able to get 2 void in one of my character. Trust me, it's more fun grinding for something to rise on the top rather than to received it without hard work.