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  1. well, not exactly. the thing with elsword is that it doesn't render well with DX9 which heavily uses the CPU. there're only 2 options for this: 1- upgrade your cpu to a cheap new gen alternative or 2- wait for kog to add dx11 to elsword
  2. well, I had to upgrade my CPU anyway, the other one was old af, it's basically the only thing you need to run raids cause of dx9 tbh
  3. raids are supposed to be the hardest content one can play and get rewards from it. Trying to bypass this is just wrong
  4. I'm portuguese and I feel disgusted by this request... English and portuguese are so similar to one another so why make such a lame request?
  5. that is only applicable to those with a lot of free time. there're those that only get the chance to play for an hour or 4 and we can't forget some nonstop spam dungeons while others don't. As of now, rewards for casuals are very small compared to the hardcore playerbase, you'd only get the chance to farm for the +10s and that's it or be a nolifer and get the +10s and a hell of a lot of +9 and pets
  6. not everyone has the time to farm a ton of shells. IMO this event is kind of leaned towards those who play the game religiously instead of being accessible to all like casual players, these suffer the most cause the best they can get is 1-4 hrs a day and not even playing that much will give them at least 3 +10 throughout the event if they save the shells
  7. less p2w and less grindy. Economy isn't as inflated aswell, other than that I find it simillar to NA
  8. I'd say +1. Currently, the amount earned is very low and very slow to get to 100 if you play it casually needless to say you'd most likely get 1 or 2 +10 amulets by the end of the event. From my perspective, this event only favors the hardcore playerbase
  9. Doing this would result in less IB costumes overall though since the all char IB has a larger pool to drop character pieces and if this gets added we'd be having either IB at lower costs or a horribly low supply of ice burner pieces in general cause of the loot table cuts
  10. it's impossible to raid with the game's current performance, Directx 9 is dated as hell and KoG has done nothing to improve the performance of the game and all they've done is milk cash from players. Why can't they just take a hint like Daybreak games did with planetside 2 and add DX11 dammit! It'd make raids doable and not force people to buy High end CPUs to play this game
  11. well, to be fair, No ticket elrianode and double title is a good combo, sure the 100%random mission could've replaced add's but hey it's free ED
  12. Guild pack doesn't give u the guild coins, it goes straight to the guild bank and it's only 2.5k per guild, not char. It's a complete loss
  13. First char ever was A yama raja but when asura came out i hopped to that one instead
  14. people are panicking over this because of the rewards, most likely the pack ones rather than the buff ones since trolls can and will vote for the shittiest packs