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  1. Welcome to forums, don't get into arguments and enjoy your time with nice people because there are few around as you can read above.
  2. Did a backup to 10 days before I clicked on the Link already but thanks.
  3. Alright then lets start all over again. Just wanted to be sure that they can't ban me because I was banned before and if I invest some money I dont want to be banned right away because of this Scammer Link stuff. Thank you
  4. Alright so is it prohibited to create a new account and play on it without ever clicking on some kind of links again ?
  5. Yeah but I mean they can't be serious about permanent ban for such a thing. I do admit my miserable mistake in clicking on that link but I've learned my lesson and this kind of unknown and gullible behaviour from me can't be compared to permanen ban of Hackers or Scammers. I do hope to be punished some weeks or maybe 1-2 months. That should be the maximum amount of punishment for that kind of misacting.
  6. I mean in real life I am also a bit gullible. That one Character Trait can have such bad consequences...
  7. And one day later i got banned from this? Just for clicking a link someone said in the megaphones? I mean isn't it their fault? I got banned for 32 years for such a thing? I've invested 350€ in this game helped other players out, was active in the forum, invested a lot of my free time just to get banned for 35 years for such a miserable mistake? Yes I admit I clicked on that link but just to make a bit fun out of the situation because I've been rushing SD's all the time I wanted a bit variety. But for real guys just think a bit for such a mistake to permanently ban someone, instead of giving a monthly ban so that the players can learn from their fault. It's actually really making me sad because I was indentifiying with the player base already, was a legit and known Coinseller and many in game knew me because I was very polite. I even helped a Raven yesterday to build his equipment and gave him a 2 hours Guide on Elrianode Gear. It's just making me sad. And by the way I wasn't getting warned I was the first one who clicked on the click because of my long day of boringness. And I still couldn't comprehend the reason I was banned for 35 years. Can someone explain me at least? Which benefits I did get from clicking the link? It was not even like you got free EC or stuff, It was just a discord server where I even communicated with the other joining people and it was actually pretty funny too. There is really no REAL reason I see me getting banned for 35 years for such a thing. Yeah maybe some weeks or months but in every case not for 35 years. I had really much fun in the last time though.
  8. But he has to wait longer because he has to download and install it
  9. @Structure One question someone tried to sell me his Account and also sent me screenshots of it for Paypal money. I know it doesn't fit here but it is prohibited and banworthy right? I could provide screenshots of character names and stuff + chat
  10. And how shall they talk English if they can't? They actually don't even understand that we try to tell them to speak English. We should be a bit more tolerant. I do have to admit their penetrant questions regarding server status is a bit annoying.
  11. So as first Maintenance was finished i could get through the character information screen and was logged in, then I received bought items from marketplace. so my question is how long will the maintenance take from now ?(: