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  1. go into sound settings google chrome or whatever browser you are using and mute it
  2. To Me it is and it came out like 3 days ago that's considered new to me Well when you do let me know We could chill and play :) I got plenty of char slots open so i can easily make a new class with yall and chill
  3. I only logged in to see the classes I havent played this game since Elsword Alpha years ago So i wanted to see all the new classes havent made one IM just looking at their bio and stats
  4. OMG Structure play the new class with me its amazing DPS Runeblade
  5. Still Down Sighs it was up for a bit last night when i was at work now the dam thing is still down seriously -.- and I still Cant Register
  6. ugh save the technical stuff for someone else you're making my eyes bleed reading it --.--
  7. Still freaking down what the hell 14 hours Still cant register Getting serverly Pissed Off Never seen a games Maintence over 5 hours like what the actual Hell
  8. Are you a mentor and can you explain the best dps class in game thats close to being techno?