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  1. 1: IGN: Wokeboi (I'll join the discord server once I get approval here first) 2: What Class You Main: Empire Sword 3: ERP: 122 4: Age: 20 5: Birthday: September 25th 6: Gender: Male 7: About: Going back to the game after a 5 month hiatus, in need of a guild for my two mains. Otherwise, I'm a pretty chill dude. 8.PvPer, raider, PvEr or hybrid?: I'm a 100% PvEr.
  2. -IGN: PullMyLabyDT -Level & Class: 99 Eternity Winner -Age (Optional): 20 -Timezone (Optional): UTC +7 -What made you join us? - I've recently returned to Void after a 5 month hiatus and decided to look for a guild for both my Empire Sword and my EW (my two mains). You guys seem fresh and interesting so I decided to apply here, Hopefully I'll be accepted! Thanks in advance!
  3. Oof, I'm online right now. Waiting for you to hit the button, boss.
  4. Ohhh, a bakery-themed guild? JACKPOT. Mind if I join? My IGN is "Wokeboi", without quotations of course.
  5. Well, looks like the server's back up according to one of the admins. Thank you for welcoming me, guys! I'll (probably) see you guys in game! Alright, let's do this.
  6. Greetings, friends and families of the Void Community. I'm a "Veteran" Elsword player from the NA server, and I loved the game, I really do, but after a few *ahem* "incidents" from the bullcrap P2W cash shop over there, I decided to take a break from it....then I came to this server and it piqued my interest, especially with those 400% EXP boost and Drop Rate bonuses, so I decided I'll try this server out....once the server problems are resolved, that is. I know I just came here, and I'm probably not in a position to say or judge any of the players here but...please, the Admins are trying their best to fix the server, they've been up for a whole day trying to resolve it according to the discussion posts, so just give them a break, will ya? As for the admins...well, I do hope you guys can survive through this ordeal and get some rest before you guys get completely fatigued from this whole situation. Alright, I'll shut my mouth now. *AHEM* In any case, hope I'll have a good time here once the server is back up! Thank you, Void Community and have a good day!