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  1. What about putting a quest that requires more than 1 run? Like, "complete 15 times 11-2/11-4/ecc and get 15/20x event items", other than the normal drop rate. This way we shouldn't always come out of dg.
  2. People that don't leave at the end of the dg so that you can't solo with F8 and queue buff, but in the same time don't want to stay in your group and continue the farm with you. Like, what's your problem?
  3. Man, maybe you should stop. This flex that you're making on people without a luck huge like yours is making you like kinda ridiculous
  4. You probaly misunderstood that "taking hints to improve their own characters". With that statement I mean that people can take hint, try to imitate a setup from a stronger and more experienced player. On the italian forum usually comments under those character showcase were either bumps or (sometimes) tips for the player that was showcasing. There wasn't many players asking things, because there are proper sections for doing that. This was simply a good way to let other know yourself, your aesthetic, and pur your character in a "shop window" ahaha Consequently, people that watch your thread will take hint and try to imitate you, but without bothering you that much Also, reading the comment above, I noticed that you're all reading this in an end game vision of the game, where only players with perfect stats will showcase themself. This section should be ment for both those kind of players and new/returning players, that would show what they actually got and show their progress each time they update the thread, and maybe someone will be kind enough to give them some tips to become better.
  5. So, my suggestion basically consists in adding a forum section (named, for example, Character showcase or something similar), divided by character (a division similar to the one applied to the class guides section) where everyone can open a thread to post and share his character, while the community could either help him giving suggestions, or simply taking hints to improve their own characters. By showing your own character I don't mean posting only your stats and nothing else. Your thread should contain everything character-related that come to your mind (for example your IBs, some fun/cool screenshots, a good graphic overall, your personal milestones with that char, your skill setup and so on). I took this idea from the forum of my old server (italian one, pre-merge into the european server, I don't know if now there's something like that), and I'm reposting it here because, imo, it was something cool and funny in a game where aesthetics counts that much and where you can customize your character in a lot of ways. It could also be helpful for newer players, giving them hints on what to buy/how to setup a new character. Hope that you'll like that suggestion!
  6. Just keep in mind that clear time doesn't counts loading screens and result screen, so you probably can't do 45 runs each hour. A more likely number could be 39-40 runs.
  7. How is that even possible? owo I'm clearing it within 1.20 (if not lower) and couldn't get more than 70 per hour :(
  8. How many shards per hour: 50-70 Dungeon: add fusion theory Drop rate medal/sockets: none, am top poor to buy them QQ
  9. Drop rate increses works in add DG, but it only works on event shards and energy shards, not on the void weap.
  10. Can I ask you what kind of exp buffs are you using? o.o