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  1. Can I ask you what kind of exp buffs are you using? o.o
  2. Just a note: those are faceoff's orbs, not normal ones. And they are way stronger than normal ones lol
  3. Yeah, nvm about event drops in ETD, the important thing is that now I can spam it without caring about a bad tear drop rate lol
  4. Does the fact that this frost shards drops in ETD reduces the chance of dropping el tears?
  5. arcanaw

    +10 Amulet

    That's some classy necro lol
  6. I never said that actual pvp is perfect. I'm saying that elsword's pvp has never been perfect. It's not like only now some characters are just fucked up and way too strong, while some others are way too weak, it's been like that since S1...
  7. Talking about high level pvp, both of the players will very likely be using sacrifice, so yeah, losing the ability to kill the opponent in one combo/skill is definitely something good when it comes to compete in terms of gaming skills. If you disagree with that, and prefer having to catch the opponent just once to kill him (or being killed if been caught lol) then please, stop saying that "old days pvp was way better and skillful than the actual pvp". Also, you can't complain for not doing enough damage to a sacrifice player, cause even you can buy that title. And again, it isn't that expensive. You simply need to gear yourself better to compete in high ranks, and in almost every rpg game things are like that. If you don't like it, then stop doing pvp, or stop pretending to win against someone that is way better geared than you.
  8. So you're saying you're not a good players cause you didn't left at that time Jokes aside, sacrifice is good because it's able to slow down the pace of a pvp match (in case you don't know, in S2/S3 pvp matchs where kinda long, if both players got a similar level of equipment) . Of course both players must have sacrifice, but if you play in high ranks you'll very likely got that title. Also it isn't that expensive, especially when compared to the rest of the setup you need to compete. And no, you can't complain about having to grind you setup on a grind game. Mainly if you're playing in a private server that helps you grinding.
  9. What game were you playing back in the days? Cause, tbh up always mattered, and +8 never dominated pvp, even in 1's LOL Also, I don't know why everyone is talking about S3 (aka when cap was 70) pvp like it was something perfect, where only legendary and skilled players are used to play. There were unbalance, lag, flame and gear carried people, exactly like now. So please, stop saying that "old days pvp was way better than the shit we got right now xd" cause it isn't true at all. Also, probably a lot of the people saying that shitty things wasn't even playing during that season lol
  10. arcanaw

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Cause they want to make it in solo. Dunno about the reason. Probably is a challenge for themselves, but most likely is cause they are a fucking cunt.
  11. arcanaw

    Share Your Stats! v2

    Weap: hr29 +9 Top: A/A +9% Bottom: Party's matk +10% Gloves: ASD +36% (looking for a 40% tear) Shoes: Party's maximize +8% (looking for a +10% boss damage tear) Every piece of elrianoide set is +8 and tears are purple cause I'm poor af :( Any tip to improve my stats and CP would be greatly appreciated (I'll put in spoiler what I've already thought)
  12. arcanaw

    varnimyr dungeons

    12-1 Pretty easy. Only annoying thing are the snake like mobs, they like way too much running around without sense 12-2 Normal mobs deals WAY TOO MUCH DAMAGE. Oh, and they don't die. Only completed once, and I'm not going to run it again for a long time lol 12-3 Never completed, rage quitted after a bunch of deaths I'm a FP with rank29 +9 weap, +8 elrianoide set and ~200k CP (I know that isn't that much, but I was hoping that at least the first 3 dungeons wouldn't have been that hard)
  13. Does Head Hunter buff affect your damage dealt even when you're against miniboss in this dungeon?