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  1. IGN: marylin FROST PIXIE ❄ refs/inspiration: ❤ ✦ ☆ sketch: ✿ i chose this costume set because it was the FIRST ever costume that i ever bought with my hard earned, real money. it was the first snowball in the avalanche of my undying obsession with making my character all sparkly and cute with super cool (but expensive) costumes. (also the files were too big for the forums sljfkldsjfl dont @ me i used imgur)
  2. ign: marylin main or alt?: main age: 15 reason: games like these get boring w/o friends lol about me: coming back from a hiatus
  3. ill be online all day if you have the chance to invite me =^● ⋏ ●^=
  4. IGN: marylin Class: metamorphy Age: 15 About you*: i just came back to playing the game after a couple of months of break Why you would like to join: i get bored playing these types of games alone