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  1. Tl;Dr - it is a lot more difficult to manage a server/ community than you think it is - having a reputation before you become a position in a community that is very concentrated and small has a big impact when you DO become a moderator/developer Feel free to clarify with me on any of my points /replu, I have more to input but I'll leave it at this for now.
  2. You yourself said that it is player vs player. So why is it fair for some classes to be naturally stronger? Obviously this is a case of bad balancing by KoG, but being able to socket those stats with costumes and accessories is what quote on quote "balances" the PvP scale. I shouldn't have to stack full Att spd % to compete with an FB who has a passive which donates him free Att spd and crit chance for just existing whilst he can stack other sockets such as add dmg for more damage or hp /dmg red for tankiness. So he gets he same dps as me while being even more tanky. But in the case of being able to have the extra socket slots from costumes, you are able to cover up your stats, so that even in the case that I just stack att spd , add dmg and crit/maxi, I have opted for a "glass cannon playstyle" whereas if I wanted to be a bit more on the safe side, I would add more sockets into hp / dmg red. This is why having costumes and accessories as a MINIMUM is important because it allows for adaptive / diverse playstyles. I would like to think that I am a decent player, being able to obtain SSS on KR and Void ( albeit void has a very very skewed queue whereby you probably face the same opponents for the next hour), but having basic gear is really enough to win with skill. Because catching your opponent and using your skills to outplay them is how you win. You literally say it yourself that skill wins. Players in KR have +12 weapons and yet I was still able to attain wins vs these players by using skill.
  3. I can agree to an extent of your point on "we aren't measuring who farms better" but the best PvP players in ALL regions farm PvE for the titles. Guardian of Elrianode and Eclipse are two prime examples of titles which are used in PvP. Unfortunately, I cannot change how gear works in this game! Otherwise I would gladly look for alternatives for people that want to PvP only. But the reality is, is that you need to farm PvE to play PvP. Your point assumes that there are skilled players who don't play PvE and solely focus on PvP but in order to play PvP competitively you need to play on the public Arena which is all stats allowed titles etc. You can very well say to me that these players can spar in sparring to practice / get better but realistically, spars are dead nowadays and you won't find SSS players typically sparring unless they want to practice actual Arena ( all stats allowed). We also know that you don't need to play the game religiously to earn ED. That's off-topic so I won't touch on it. On the point of the Rosso weapon, the players that actually have that weapon and are on the board of PvP is a small percentage of the already small community which plays. In fact, the Rosso weapon isn't needed at all to work in PvP. As I mentioned before, 2 months or so ago, the #1 Star rank player in NA was a ERP 63 +9 Purple Elrianode +10 Void Wep. We all know how cheap it is to get a purple +9 4/4 elrianode set albeit that +9's are actually expensive at the moment. The void weapon is de facto a weapon which everyone has to spend time to farm because it is the most flexible and endgame weapon apart from a fully optimised FoJ weapon. And even in this case, +9 purple elrianode is not even necessary. An example would be a DyB that I played with in PvP a week or two ago. Bear in mind that this is at SSS rank and after adding her after to play, I inspected her gear which was +8 heroic pieces and +10 void wep ( yes, it's needed but with time and effort, blacksmith can shorten the gap, furthermore Void gave out a free +10 not too long ago, its almost no excuse to not have a +10 at this point). TL;dr Yes, its skill which matters. But gear is part of the player, and being able to customize your playstyle will make for more diverse and intuitive gameplay. I guarantee that in vanilla you can and also will see characters getting one shot from just actives and tenacity skills simply because their classes can excel without gear and thus gain an edge over their player. Having even costumes and accessories or arena would allow for characters with lower base stats to cover up their weaknesses.
  4. An idea for costume is just your promo cube which gives that 5/5 set effect. There are no fixed effects and the set effect is something everyone can get which would make gameplay a bit more convenient (10% crit/10% attack speed) and easier to socket for. The main gripe I have with spar gear ONLY is that some classes will have glaring advantages over others, be it raw stat boosts or stacking boosts which come in the form of being in combat or using buffs /debuffs. This lets them maximize their socket use effectively in comparison to other classes which may need more star variety to function at a competitive level. It's fine and dandy to say " skill matters more with spar gear" but maximisation of sockets matters alot more with spar gear because the likelihood is that you won't hit the softcap for any of them unless you stack a single socket or as mentioned above, you have skills which naturally boost your passive stats or have activations which cause you to gain 100% critical. In short, I personally believe that allowing costumes/accessories would make for a more interesting tournament as well as niche tactics. As it stands its very clear that the majority of the community is die hard against any form of stat enhances that aren't spar gear which is a shame to be honest. But as also previously mentioned by a comment. Another potential idea is the use of the free costume set given by the void cube seeing as it is literally given to everyone for free.
  5. IGN: BerrschMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild: LuminaryReason for Joining Us: I am looking for an active raid guild where I can also make friends in end game PvE content! Look forward to playing with players that I have played with before in raid and seen around in Varnimyr.Preferred Time for Recruitment (Include Timezone): 8 am - 2 am GMT+8
  6. It also doesn't help that alot of the people who carry others stop at 12-6. It goes both ways in the sense that people who want to carry will only go so far as 12-6 to collect flame marks and ciao. The exception is if the carried character is a CeT or BL.
  7. If it hasn't already been suggested there could be a system similar to the Secret Dungeon quest which requires you to collect 5 daily certificates. An example of rewards I would put forward is similar to others. [Daily] Elrianode Clear 3 Elrianode Dungeons on Normal Difficulty (excluding Hall of El) Rewards: Fixed : 15 of each powder + 1 Elrianode Shard Choice of: El tear Elite /Unique (red/blue/purple) This leads into the SD quest certificate idea. [Repeat] Elrianode Shards Collect 5 Elrianode Shards Fixed: 5 Non-tradeable El Defense Requests Choice of : 3 Unique El tear box (red/blue/purple) [Weekly] Clear Elrianode Dungeons Clear 15 Elrianode Dungeons on Normal Difficulty (excluding Hall of El) Fixed: 3 El Tear (Elite/Unique) box for each colour Choice of: 2 Unique El Tears (red/blue/purple) The main reasoning behind the 15 dungeons for the weekly and the rewards is that it's relatively easy to clear within 1-2 hours of playing in one day for a decently geared character at around 250k CP. For this type of player they can clear the weekly in one shot and be on with their business in real life for example. The daily and repeat quest encourages weaker /f2p players to play Elrianode Dungeons everyday with a chance of acquiring a good tear/ decent starter tears for their Elrianode. I personally think that powders as rewards are only redundant and they could potentially be replaced with 1 Elrianode Defence Requests. Potentially the repeat quest could give tradeable requests with the argument that running that many Elrianode Dungeons would net you that amount of requests but then again it is entirely RnG. Let me know what you think.
  8. Most raid players know that CeT is basically needed for fast clears and can you really say the same if you were a 400k FP for example getting carried? By no means here am I saying that it's easy to survive, it takes time to learn I agree, but CeT is by far one of the easier classes to survive with especially if you take advantage of Cronus elixir w/ TF it's almost impossible to get one shot by the boss unless you are hit by thorns/ tornadoes / lasers. Allowing a player to earn it through flame marks also makes it fair for players who can't get high CP fast. Because we all know that you need to be hella strong to even DPS at a mediocre level in 12-6/12-7. And not every player can find a raid party as reliable as the top brass who have guilds that run it all the time and are willing to carry. To further this point, some classes are also simply wanted for their buffs and they can get carried by higher geared players into ranks. Is there really merit in getting carried? Surviving the raids in itself is a merit but the leaderboards evidently dictate who clear it the fastest but is also misrepresentative as ALTs can just get carried if their classes suit a team e.g Physical team carries a 300k CP mtm who does laughable damage in 12-7. Tl;dr, Some classes are slot better for raid for some examples given above with Bluhen and CeT being in high demand therefore making it easy to find a fast party for full raid on weekly reset. The 1000 flame marks idea let's weaker players attain rewards without having to speed run the raids. An alternative suggestion could be completing 12-7 and acquiring unique drops from them as craft materials but that's all I've got for now.
  9. Made 4 alt accounts for a +10 elrianode set Made 1 alt account for an Elite HH to sell Using main for Elite HH This event was nice for me
  10. In Game Name: KetsuoAge (optional): 19 Gender: Male Country/Timezone: GMT +9Previous Guild (optional): N/A About yourself: Hello, recently started playing Elsword off a friend's recommendation (he plays on the KR server) so I decided to give it a shot! Just looking for a guild that I could join and maybe make some friends and play with others! I play a lot of FPS's and have invested some time into LoL but primarily I will be playing Elsword since it seems to be lax and fun!
  11. Hello! First time really playing "an exciting anime side scrolling RPG" since I'm more of an FPS guy so I'm looking forward to trying it out! On that note, is there anything like a guild/clan in this game? If yes, I'd like to join/apply for one! Thanks buddies