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  1. Are you giving away something? I am here I am loving you. @Structure that's for you too
  2. Hello, and welcome to our community, If you need assistance of any type, do not hesitate to contact me. I will absolutely do my best to help you! ♥
  3. Hey, what should I do to report an user and ask for his ban from the forum?

    Thank you in advance for the attention,



  4. So kind from you ♥ Yes it actually is. I am still remembering when I first-classed my Raven for the first time.. And I did it on lev.50. Before that, whenever I went in sparring rooms, I was seeing like.. RFs, BMs and I was not understanding why these pgs was so similar to mine one but with different skills... Yeah.. Feels..
  5. That will be great, I am 86 and atm in this account I really need help in SDs
  6. Of course, I will add you shortly, write me in private here
  7. I already know Void, is not so bad if you know how to face people
  8. Hello guys, my name is Nico and I live in Italy. I introduce myself shortly: I am 19 ( almost 20, I already feel old.. ) and I am working as receptionist at Hilton Hotel chain. That's all about me, for now, now I will express myself in-game and in-forum: I don't have the best past on this game, or in Elsword in general, but I actually love this game and I was exactly the 27th person starting to play Elsword IT. I also love big part of the community formed around it. So, I created this account on the forum so that I can help you all about the game, some issues and my main objective is regroup all the community so that everyone can help everyone sharing experiences, tips and information of any type. Thank you for your attention reading this message, this is my Introduction. Have fun, players! -Crynow/Nico