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  1. Laura

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Meep. Just because this update didn't have the Christmas event, doesn't mean it won't happen- They could add the event in late December, then either remove it with the the update we just got or the following week after this event is removed. I'm saying all this in my sleep, 2018 is sleep typing, 2019 is sleep gaming, let's do it.
  2. Laura

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Honest. It looks sexy as hell on the males, ooo But it's an IB i wouldn't wear full, i'd use pieces like cape/top to make some cute black outfits problem is, they will probably be costing the most ESPECIALLY THE CAPE since people literally cream their pants over it
  3. Laura

    Its me. But who am I?

    Welcome to void ~ The German's actually make me laugh the most, because they get angry pretty easy I also think it's cute when people that don't speak English mess up English words, maybe it's because i always understand them? hehe..
  4. LMAO . "my anus help me" he said "hacker lose hahahahaha noob" The fact that he said hacker, and typed out his laugh instead of lmao or lol he's prob 13 or under AMG RECORDINNG and REPORTING! O whats this? Noob is still an insult in (almost)2019? ;>
  5. Laura

    Cya, Void.

    Awh, yet another fallen.. I hope you find a better game, or go on the road of your dreams and succeed from this point on GL
  6. Laura


  7. Laura

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    111 votes, I never expected this thread to even get much attention.. *looks at my 22 rep points*
  8. Laura

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    If they give a free +10 this even't ill cry tears of joy. inb4 they don't because idiots like me keep mentioning it
  9. Laura

    Do you roleplay when you play Elsword?

    I haven't done this and it really sounds like fun and i might actually do this buuuut my boyfriends not really the type to do this But he will if i make him ihope
  10. Laura

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Although i never thought void was "dying", You all made me see things different. In response to you kidney, I wont try and argue or anything, because you're not wrong at all, i even agree with your last sentence, it did lose its appeal, i'd only go in sparring to have fun in practice mode these days. But you said you don't like when people claim void is dying and the fact that they use the non existent spar rooms as a reason, I did think void was kind of dying because of the spar rooms being empty so i was scared that it might be dying, but don't be upset, Because now that i read these comments and think about it , there IS more to the game that people care about. I can say that this thread has changed the way i see the game and i'm glad i made it despite those that hate these kinds of thread.
  11. Laura

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Pointless to you maybe, But as i said in the post, I made it because i was curious of other peoples perspectives and answer choices. If you're so damn bothered by my thread , or any " " Void is dying " " thread then just don't click? It's really that simple. . Trying to stop something that isn't against the rules..Sigh.. Also you even commenting here is pointless, As people WILL do what they want. You whining about a little thread won't stop ANYONE. Also you have NO authority to stop anyone. If these kind's of threads were a problem i'm pretty sure structure , or any authority would have locked it long ago.
  12. Laura

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Ah you must know everything. "You should stop bothering the idea" , "It's just a waste of time to you and anyone to read this kind of thread" 1st, Why suggest someone to stop something like they are doing something "wrong" or harmful? 2nd "It's just a waste of time to you" If you think it's a waste of time thats fine, but that doesn't mean everyone thinks the same thing, if people commented here obviously they don't think it's a waste of time..They can do what they want with THEIR time. Besides, Since you're here, Doesn't that mean you "Wasted" your time too? and if you didn't read it, You shouldn't have commented in the first place. "If there is still profit to maintain server, the server will live." Well i didn't feel like putting it all in quotations, But that whole sentence is pointless since everyone knows. The same thing applies to your first sentence.
  13. Laura

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    And you're right it has been up for a long time , I guess i just made this thread because i'm scared of it "dying" and being curious of other peoples perspective on this subject, I wasn't trying to say it is dying so hopefully you, or anyone saw it like that Ha, I guess that's another way to see it Xd Well for example if hackers were to be givin mercy , or a second chance who's to say they won't' hack again? besides they would probably make a new account and do the same thing anyway, i guess that can be a 2nd chance, except with all their hacked stuff gone.