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  1. Biscu

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    *•.¸Rose Glamour¸.•* IGN: Biscu ♡ .¸「Items Used」.¸
  2. bon retour parmi nous !
  3. Take care and good luck in whatever you are going to do next!
  4. Biscu

    how do you cope with todays arena

    I do mean about the balance . I don't find it normal for you (as a no ranked person) to get a match vs. some geared people with sss. It's just not balanced enough since not every player can affort a good gear.
  5. Biscu

    how do you cope with todays arena

    arena is so unbalanced and full of salt and insults srrynotsrry
  6. ooof ilysm now I won't struggle anymore
  7. Biscu

    Returning to VoidEls!

    Welcome back and enjoy your stay~
  8. Biscu

    [Event] Christmas Scramble

    [IGN]: Excited [Ran's Items] 7 , 10 [Lilu's Items] 1 , 6 [Yata's Items] 3 , 5 [Structure's Items] 2 , 9 [Xera's Items] 8 , 4
  9. Biscu

    New to Void Elsword!

    Welcome and enjoy your stay!