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  1. any idea what happened to your TH suggestion thread? i can't seem to find it

  2. hi rai notice me

  3. hi mom

    1. luri


      you are my mommy i came out of your hole

  4. wwwwwwwwwwwww legit grend service \("▔□▔)/

  5. grend dragonn power 4/4 + sting with +8 service, in game IGN LowSing / HearseFlyTree
    will prob be online from the time of post till bout 4-5 hours later. 

  6. Best grend service, it's fast and easy! I'm definitely recommending it to others if you're looking for a good service in the future. Thanks a lot Raidax!

  7. Hi :P


    Did you have upgrade Lv.8 now . ?

  8. I want buy upgradlv8 x2 :D

    1. PuDdinG


      wait me sec , in henir chal


    2. PuDdinG
  9. S/O for legit seller. Grend me a weapon when i gave seal. Was fast and smooth.

  10. I online now , this my id : DisTanFisH