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  1. Most players don't care about wether or not their guild has guild coins Do you think a player would chose freebies such as +9s/sockets or guild coins that their guild is gonna use to buy a guild skin? The sockets/+9s benefits them more. As for the free +9 heroic, who wants a +9 heroic?
  2. I'd advice against guild coins due to them being so easy to obtain. If you're a GM, ask your guildies to do their expedition. If you want guild coins because you have none, you're not a self sufficient guild and should look into that
  3. 12-8 is fun due to rewards, xp gain, and watching yourself improve each run
  4. Just don't start like Jinx, If you aren't agree with this just move on bc this suggestion is for help TH community and Mithrils marketplace, just don't start to put your ideals here bc everyone have a different way to think and to see things and we just want to let this suggestion to happen, so thanks for understand.
  5. So I'm talking without experience (I have more experience than you lmao), If I didn't have any experience I couldn't make this suggestion. What are you saying it's pure RNG, you are so lucky same with your Gf, but we are talking about ''x1-x2 stack of Mithrils and no +10'' not 10-100 Mithrils and +10. And ppl complain bc they are scared on investing ED into BS? Lmao, well with mithrils 4-5m e.a it's normal, cuz x1 stack=4-5b, and you think it's normal? Anyways Mithrils price need to drop somehow bc at this way, getting +10 will cost the same as getting a +11 lol.
  6. What you are saying don't make any sense bc here RNG it's what rule. You think with 100m you can get a +10? No my friend that doesn't work like you think if that was like that nobody will complain and everyone will get +10 in few tries, what I'm saying it's you need more than x1 stack of mithrils for get +10 that's mean 3-4b per stack and depends bc I wasted x1 stack and I didn't get even a +9 and mithrils prices are 4-5m each right now something normal for some ppl and +10 Amu is 4b so you can think about it, the problem isn't how much expensive are mithrils, here enter ''Mithrils drop rate=rarity + mithrils price + RNG for getting +10'' you can be rich but if there are no mithrils for buy and RNG is so bad your +10 dream is so far. And for what more consumables? we have enough of them and on every event you can get a lot of them, TH hunter isn't for consumables, it's for TH materials which their unique function it's for Blacksmith & Alchemist.
  7. Getting +10 looks hard and annoying right? cuz need RNG using fluos or BS, and it's expensive bc +10 Amulet cost 3-4b so it's normal to feel pissed and this is the 4th suggestion for ''+10'' there are a super easy way to get +10 and everyone can use that way and get their +10 BUT seems the staff ignored my suggestion for exchange Treasure Hunter coins for mithrils and added a bullshit one with ''useless exchanges'' that nobody want'' so yeah, what they will expect adding that useless exchanges? nothing, it will just increase players's complaining and tons of ''+10 suggestions'' and this will continue until add +13 to this sever lmao but well I just have hopes on my suggestion bc it's still alive so we can expect anything in a future, here is my suggestion~
  8. -1 No. Why they should add something that already was added? There are more combos that are better or just wait for EO rotation, it should come back soon I guess, anyways Staff won't put back a recolor that already was on ED burner, this suggestion it's a waste of time, it's like if I say "Put LoW back please bc now we have Formal attire on IM so we can use 4/5+formal attire hair for be OP" Staff reply: No.