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  1. wip wip wip ign:RuinousChild wipwipwiwp
  2. My first was Rena, Grand Archer, second was Code Nemesis, and my third I think was uhhh i don't remember. I started 7 years ago man..
  3. IGN: RuinousChild I'd like to join aswell! If that's okay
  4. +1 cause like bro I have to stack to feel okay
  5. IGN: Rimescale Name/What you want to be called: Gez Timezone:(Optional) : PST Reason for joining(Optional): <-- I'm lonely lmao Tell us a little about yourself: I waste time, draw, play video games, I have an obsession over fluffy/sweet/cute things. Yeh What will you be expecting from this guild?: Nothing much
  6. @Structure Fixed! Thank you for telling me
  7. Merry Heccin Christmas you son of a gun


    I love you