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  1. All these people saying PvPs always been bullshit, are we just gonna act like season 2 wasn't a thing? Where just about every character was viable in some sort of way. Code: Nemesis being the worst of the worst was still played because of how >>XZ used to work. Sure you had your broken +10s CBS' but the game was the most balanced then.
  2. Gonna bump as i took a break from my PC and forgot about it, wooops. No lock please
  3. Of course of course, not your fault for not knowing i didn't put that part in either.
  4. Thanks to whichever mod moved the thread, i'll add a poll too.
  5. Read the edit, but issue's fixed, it can be dropped.
  6. That was kinda the purpose of the thread, but i see how that wasn't clear.
  7. Okay so I've been thinking for a while now that the A-pink quest needs to be extended to 3, 5, or maybe even 10 runs before you can turn in the quest (You still get x amount of cards per x amount of runs). Why? It's kinda just a chore to have to leave the dungeon of your choice to turn in the quest after every dungeon. And when it comes to farming ERP in Debrian for example, you actually get more EXP when you solo on top of♠extra damage. It's already hard enough to get the solo queue's going long enough before GoD ruins it.
  8. Getting void weps, just got m 3rd one.
  9. I went back and read my post, it really didn't make sense. So I edited it.
  10. I'm glad someone made a thread about it, I've been using megas for days. I think you're on the right track with reducing the amount of wins you need for an order. But something else need's to be added to Ereda to make people want to do it, same issue with PvP; the salt rewards as they are now are just horrible. I'd also hope that any change done to Ereda let me keep my gold seals for winning 2 matches.
  11. Altera dude, i stopped leveling all my chars at 30 because i hated the area