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    that one overrated group from korea that no one shuts up about and the pink puffball of death, or kirby whichever one suits you best

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  1. Yeah, I'm aware sksksks But it's not as much of a grind as the original one is, it's more relaxed in comparison
  2. wow i exist SO moving on from my embarrassment from my previous post, hhello!! im kat. i dropped void AGES ago and only recently picked it up again but i honestly don't remember why i dropped it in the first place. i got sick of the mindless grinding that is the original version so i ended up right back here again lol i don't know honestly im just looking for nice people to talk to about something i like ig also if you don't like bts thats okay i know some armys are bit.... yknow but i try to be civil so feel free to talk to me about other kpop groups if you like them im open to suggestions!!! i already stan four groups im open to more djfkdhdj