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  1. Goodluck on your guild! Btw just to let you know your discord link does not work-
  2. +1 We need egg equality, JUSTICE FOR EGGS!
  3. Feel free to join Nocturne! We are PvE based guild thats mostly active on discord but is active in game sometimes~ Heres our thread:
  4. Bumping with Otoya's made him come home so im doing the same with Ren and hoping it works too--
  5. Naivety quit. Also fixed your ping for shi @Shiryelle.
  6. - x - Contest: Master of graphics Theme: Summer festival! Desc: The elgang has decided to set up and host a festival with many diffrent activties such as music, food, games and many other fun festivties! Create banners and posters to help promote their event! Additional notes: Can either promote the event as a whole or promote indvidual sections of the event such as promoting a certain band for the festival etc. - x -
  7. @Naivety@PhysicsTM@Xera Dont forget the rest of the mods~
  8. Accepted! feel free to join the discord (little moon on the first post) and let us know when your online so that we can invite you to the guild~