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  1. Should be there within a week or less. If you dont recieve the EC within a week after winning, you will need to contact a mod. (refering to "prizes" section stated on the first post in each event)
  2. Contest: Master of graphics Theme: Staff Description: Create graphics for the staff of Void! Additional details: > Need to specfiy if discord staff is allowed or not (they should be allowed if "all" staff is included but of course this is a forum event so ill leave it up to you). > Need to specfiy which staff memeber the graphics is based on (each graphics can be based on a diffrent staff memeber or based on the staff team as a whole). - x - Contest: Master of graphics Theme: Elsword NPC's Description: Give some love to the NPC's in Elsword by creating a graphics based around your favourite NPC(s)! - x - Contest: Master of graphics Theme: Creative thinking (idk tbh lmao) Description: Create a graphics based on a phrase, mini description or quote! Additonal notes: Can be a line from a book, a song lyric etc. I think it could be fun to see the diffrent designs people come up with for this theme. This theme also has "re-useability" potentional too.
  3. Proof that nocturne is gay.
  4. IGN: Densgirl ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature: *final image here* W.I.P's (from start to finish) Art credits: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Online + offline banner (final versions): Editors notes: Online banner: the exclamation mark is supposed to symbolize the fact that Laby got a notifaction on the forums in the discussion thread that a staff memeber posted that the server is "online" in the discussion thread for the recent maintenance. I like to imagine the short notifaction sound plays when this happens like it does when you get a notifaction on these forums. Since the servers back up she is of course gonna be happy which is why I changed her expression to make it look this way. Offline banner: Laby is angry/sad that the server is down and is eagerly waiting for the server to be back up so she can continue playing. In this situation I feel as though she would be following the discussion thread and browsing the forums out of bordem. Maybe she would also be helping out by responding to all of the threads complaning that the server is down? Or maybe shes looking at cute animals to make her feel better? Theres alot of possibilites... what do you think shes doing? W.I.P's (from start to finish) Art credits: Offical art (taken from elwiki) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GFX Banner: *final images here* W.I.P's (from start to finish) Art credits: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *I might not do them all, just preparing my post for now* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal notes: Just for myself to refrence. honestly dont bother looking, its probably just gonna be me yelling most of the time.
  5. Densgirl

    New Player LF Guild

    Feel free to join us at [Nocturne]! We are a small, chill, friendly PvE based guild and everybody is welcome~ Feel free to check out our guild thread below. Going through the pages should give you a good vibe of what our guilds like.
  6. Densgirl

    Looking for Guild

    Hey hey~ Feel free to join us at Nocturne! We are generally a more social/family guild but we also run dungeons sometimes as well~ Feel free to view our thread here:
  7. @PhysicsTM@Shiryelle@Naivety Dont forget the rest of the mods
  9. *reposting Luna's sasuke meme that she 100% did not edit out* Bump btw
  10. Feel free to join us at Nocturne! We are a small pretty casual PvE based guild. All of our memebers are pretty friendly so im sure you will have no problems fitting in! Feel free to check out our guild thread here:
  11. Accepted! please feel free to join our discord (little moon on first post) and let one of the admins/officers know when your online so you can be invited to the guild~