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  1. I clear average 1.25 with a +9 void wep. But I think this is not the problem. The problem is that the ones who need +10 are the ones with +9, and the furthest content we can go is add and drabaki. Plus, elite hh and +10 both cost 999 shards, obviously elite hh is harder to get. +10 will only cost some more Ed if you wanna do it with a blacksmith, but elite hh is more rare since it's RNG based. So is it really worth it to grind 999 for a +10? With holidays back to back I choose to buy fluorite ores for +10. F**k this grinding event(sorry for my language), got some costumes and I'm out.
  2. I haven't been playing void for long, only a little over a month. So far I like it that it is playable without having to spend money. But it is hard to go far without spending money, well you can if you play for 12 hours a day just grinding. Just like this event, 999shards and 500mil for a +10? Seriously? Might as well give us 99 fluorite ores and have us get to +10. Griding 999 shards with Christmas and new year coming is unachievable unless, again, you grind 12 hours a day. Not to mention the drop rate is...Crap. I learned about last year's event from my friends and this year's event is more than just a downgrade. That's my feedback on this year's event from a new player's perspective.