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  1. If they can make custom Items in the game, they can make dropable Items in 11-3 too. They're just lazy
  2. I like that Idea. I wanted to farm Eclipse but didnt end up doing it cuz of the Event. Im personally not a fan of the new way they made events. Dropable Eventitems are better tho. I dont know why ppl were crying bout it. They probably never played a real MMORPG kekekekekkek
  3. You freeze them before they do Annihilation Mode at like 10-12 bars and u have to hit them down to the bar where they usually do Annihilation Mode while they are still frozen. They should be unable to attack for a short time and after the froze is over it should ve skipped the Mode
  4. If u do Henir or Raid alot, u also can use the yellow one
  5. Eclipse and GoE are still better than OoR
  6. Good on Multihit characters like Rose and funny on MtM or Twilight
  7. I mean +12 is just a huge cash grab due to the fact that on the offical Servers u only get it through Events and mostly u need 2x +11 for that. However I think if +12 would be introduced in Void Els then they probably would change the way how a +12 can be obtained.
  8. Can't relate I have a lot of Supporter characters and get carried by Dps, the pattern is easy (except for the Lasers in 12-7).
  9. AeS has bad iFrames for Raid and can be monotonous very fast cuz u acutally only spam Frost Barrage. I really hope they change that during the Reboot
  10. But wait for the Aisha Reboot tho. A lot can change through that
  11. People usually spend 200$ for a +11 or more. 7b is like nothing. To get Mithrils with Lvl 10 TH is pretty easy tho
  12. Normal is pretty easy for every character. But Challange is hard especially the last boss. But Idc bout the 7 Frags I dont get lul
  13. If the next IB Rotation isnt Shaviana Truffles im going mad
  14. Yes it is. After the Season ends the PvP ranks will always be resetted. Maybe next month lmao I dunno how long a Season lasts in Elsword