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  1. Can't relate I have a lot of Supporter characters and get carried by Dps, the pattern is easy (except for the Lasers in 12-7).
  2. AeS has bad iFrames for Raid and can be monotonous very fast cuz u acutally only spam Frost Barrage. I really hope they change that during the Reboot
  3. But wait for the Aisha Reboot tho. A lot can change through that
  4. People usually spend 200$ for a +11 or more. 7b is like nothing. To get Mithrils with Lvl 10 TH is pretty easy tho
  5. If the next IB Rotation isnt Shaviana Truffles im going mad
  6. EC Price is cool but on EU the prices for certain avatar sets are still lower than on Void. Maybe they should rotate more than 2 Avatar Sets in the Ice Burners
  7. Since I cant upload KChing *sigh* and I only want a Bank expansion how bout u make it trade and giftable duh
  8. Let People design more Sets and maybe some Artists can design Skill-Cut-Ins especially for valentinesday
  9. I ve looked around for a good PvE Guild but I havent found the right one yet. In Els EU I was one of the best PvE Players. I play Void since 3 Days and already got full +9, +10 and ERP 118 ( this might not be much but I just want to mention it). Im looking for a huge, active PvE Guild(with Discord)