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  1. I can understand what u mean and I at least want a Respond from staff that would make me Happy :> Normaly bugs can get Fixed
  2. Agree but still, they got own created Items so it might be possible and after all its a suggestion ty for your opinion
  3. Yeah still it would be a nice benefit, and I'm not saying it should stay that High, because I know we already got much I was thinking of nerfing it a bit, anyway thank you for your opinion :>
  4. I wrote at the beginning, "Since we can't get +12 neither +13"
  5. Since we cant get +12 neither +13 I was thinking of why not make it accessible for +11? And maybe nerf it a bit, for example: instead of 10% Crit dmg do 5% and instead of 20%, 10% Max mp. Otherwise it would be too broken in my opinion . And for the Flames of Judgment I would like, for lvl 12 Maybe only 3% boost and for 13 again only 5%. That would make us at least also get those buffs since(I think) we will never get +12 neither +13 If you have any other opinions please let me know [Just a Suggestion and I dont know if they can do that] greetings Passi(CeT)
  6. Welcome to the forum è_é hope you get along :3!