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  1. Strongest Physical: Bloody Queen Knight Emperor Eternity Winner Strongest Magical: Herrscher RH [Before Reboot] DyB, AeS, CeT | As Third since they all are really good, cant really say they have much difference
  2. Even if its not there Fault this time, it still takes time from the Players and small compensation
  3. To be honest I would prefer a 300% Medal for 1 Week instead of extra +10 or costume stuff
  4. Im not active in Forum tho, since here is so much Bullshit im more the ign Guy uwu
  5. Lets just delete you, Because lets be honest ur trash
  6. I wouldnt say they are incompetent since they, run a whole server and even giving Events to the Players. SO what is the point of starting to hate the staff when this Thread is against 1-2 Staff member and again not even evidence not screenshots nothing? I mean do you even know what they do? LIke what work they do that we dont know, I dont think so
  7. What is the purpose of starting a rebellion? against the Staff will it change something for you?
  8. I can understand what u mean and I at least want a Respond from staff that would make me Happy :> Normaly bugs can get Fixed
  9. Agree but still, they got own created Items so it might be possible and after all its a suggestion ty for your opinion
  10. Yeah still it would be a nice benefit, and I'm not saying it should stay that High, because I know we already got much I was thinking of nerfing it a bit, anyway thank you for your opinion :>
  11. I wrote at the beginning, "Since we can't get +12 neither +13"
  12. Since we cant get +12 neither +13 I was thinking of why not make it accessible for +11? And maybe nerf it a bit, for example: instead of 10% Crit dmg do 5% and instead of 20%, 10% Max mp. Otherwise it would be too broken in my opinion . And for the Flames of Judgment I would like, for lvl 12 Maybe only 3% boost and for 13 again only 5%. That would make us at least also get those buffs since(I think) we will never get +12 neither +13 If you have any other opinions please let me know [Just a Suggestion and I dont know if they can do that] greetings Passi(CeT)
  13. Welcome to the forum è_é hope you get along :3!