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  1. No i don't think so. Elrianode gear is strong enough No reason to make it happen
  2. Logic if you are smaller number you will got extra point for election
  3. Other team 1 run = Our ??? run Is this fair?
  4. Its not Ignia fualt to being popular +1
  5. Socket is best choice and Beginner pack is okay its help new player get base gear to step forward like me i just struck +8 elrianode set for a mouth sure i was try +9 but its waste my ED So i think Beginner pack is good choice too
  6. Can I join? IGN : SteinSwordClass : Empire SwordLanguage(s): Thai & English Time Zone : (GMT+7) About me : Can call me Stein or Karis
  7. im pleased to carry but sometime they made many trouble, and sure i told them what should they do
  8. i didn't mean that i mean they pulling monster or do something make my skill miss
  9. -1 some undergeared people made me in trouble every 4X SD run
  10. Welcome back +1 for old school signature
  11. Hello and Welcome back +1 to nice name too XD