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  1. i really hope there is more to this because this is far below mediocre
  2. we already have high enough drop rate for ed, items, etc. and multiple ways of increasing it it does not need to be any higher via resonance
  3. a few hundred players more than likely but no one knows
  4. then can you pls implement it mr. coder
  5. yes it will also change
  6. that's a personal problem
  7. pepelaugh
  8. yes, you can buy amulets to +9 on board for less than 100m right now events can bring +10s when they happen
  9. jesus you make so many threads just buy amulets on board
  10. do the dungeon faster and you'll get it quicker because you'll fill up the bar faster
  11. if youre gonna do that can you put it in a spoiler and not have god awful english as the subtitles i mean people who still get mad about not getting all 4 things they want have the mental of an mentally unstable 15 year old girl on her period which just so happens be 90% of everyone who plays elsword
  12. well sorry you cant get what you want all the time but thats democracy for you seems like communism will work wonders for that mindset my friend
  13. you are aware that drops mean not only include weapons but... shards, thats what people want