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  1. if youre gonna do that can you put it in a spoiler and not have god awful english as the subtitles i mean people who still get mad about not getting all 4 things they want have the mental of an mentally unstable 15 year old girl on her period which just so happens be 90% of everyone who plays elsword
  2. well sorry you cant get what you want all the time but thats democracy for you seems like communism will work wonders for that mindset my friend
  3. you are aware that drops mean not only include weapons but... shards, thats what people want
  4. a bunch of fucking whiners incoming bc they didnt get the buff they want
  5. >be an idiot >compare paying for natural oxygen we breathe to live to a game but people like you are spoiled and want everything for free and refuse to work for anything in a private server where you can basically get anything you want easily and cheaply
  6. im not opposed to it but if youre going to suggest stickers can you at least have the decency to provide how they look instead of people doing it for you
  7. gayish


    void cant nerf or buff anything go ask kog
  8. its literally the most obvious sarcastic post dont quote me again
  9. you have no idea what sarcasm is do you
  10. ^ found the person who hates being a on the losing team thus wants participation trophy and a handicap bonus
  11. should it happen? why should it happen? is my question for you
  12. that would imply any event has actually been fun.
  13. uh, no they would come on for 10 minutes then log out, there would legit be no reason to stay onafter the 10 minutes are up