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  1. The question pretty much says it all, but I'll use this space to ask a question of my own. Would this be possible? If so, can we look into it?
  2. Welcome back. Glad to have 'ya. Unsure if I know you, but he name seems vaguely familiar. Maybe I'll see 'ya around.
  3. Probably the most depressing thing I've read in a while. You'll surely be missed. I wish there was something I could do. :<
  4. So, quick question. Is LoW's stats back to normal? I remember Void altered it a bit. By LoW, yes I'm including the title. Just curious. I'm buying it either way. xD
  5. Kicking people just because they're afk seems rather senseless. Lag? xD That's what you have F5 for. Server lag? I doubt this matters much. We have what. 5 channels? 4? In any case, i don't see all of them being "Busy". This really shouldn't matter.
  6. You see, I knew you had great taste based on your picture of Adam, but this takes it to a new level. xD Well done, as mentioned.
  7. That looks REALLY well done. Props to whoever thought of it and did it.
  8. tat pic wiff sasuke

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    2. Naoki



      what's 1.57 in..ur measurement?idek how its called

    3. Ayano



      Well, my closet is waiting for you now.

    4. Naoki
  9. Is that who I think it is- Thank you. o/ o/
  10. Already got a nickname going. woo. xD Carmmy pls. You need to add me on Els once it comes back up (for good. Or at least for a while). Do you still use Kik? I noticed it after I had typed it, but I was too lazy to make amends. xD
  11. Thank you.~ Who's speaking? Well... Typing... But you get the point.
  12. I'll start off by stating my name: Malik. There are many things I like, and many I dislike. It'd be too long to list them all, so if you'd like to know you may ask. I'm in college. Double major in business administration and photography. I'll be busy starting on the 25th. As far as Elsword characters go, I'm very indecisive. I, however, will mostly be found on my Crimson Avenger (Displaced), Grand Master (Vigorously), Blazing Heart (Sweltering), and Infinity Sword (Yusei). If there's anything else, you may ask. o/