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  1. Your Name:Yato IGN:Ramzeus Main or Alt?:2nd Main after my luciel Age & Timezone (optional):20 , JST About you: Weird person with weird taste Why would chu like to join?:just recently know mari and want to see her guild
  2. IGN/CLASS : yatogami75/Innocent Age/Gender: 19/Male Previous Guild(if any):currently not in any guild About you: emm if about me , i am big gamer who play many kind of games in console,pc even mobile i love anything about anime,light novel,and manga(some people call me otaku) maybe that is for now and hopefully you have great day ^_^
  3. May i ask why when i download data the progress bar moving backward?
  4. Hello and nice to meet you all! My name is Rambu my nickname is Rammy and kind of new in both official elsword and void elsword, I started both in Desember last year so i hope i can enjoy the game as much as the veteran player,my main character is Luciel(all class) and but i also enjoy playing eve and new character laby please do forgive me if my introduction is awkward it's pleasure to be able to join and play together,Ciao!